Outdoor Sectionals

Sectional patio furniture is also known as outdoor sectionals. These are modular sectional furniture that is becoming very popular lately. When moving indoor comfort outdoors we look for options. Sectional outdoor patio furniture gives us the options that we are looking for while setting up our patio seating. Modular pieces can be setup to make sectionals, sofas and daybeds. Browse our collection of modern and luxury sectional furniture.

We have selected outdoor sectionals from the most reputable outdoor furniture manufacturers. Each sectional piece is specifically manufactured for outdoor use with 100% outdoors resistance. Sectional outdoor furniture feature cast aluminum, outdoor wicker, aluminum, teak and resin materials. If you are looking for an outdoor deep seating sectional you will find what you need through these beautiful sectional modules.

Every year our manufacturers come up with ways to please consumers with different designs. Sectional patio furniture is simply another way to offer indoor comfort outdoors while providing the freedom of modular seating. Our balconies, terraces and patios are all different shapes and sizes. Sectional furniture gives us the freedom to setup the deepseating are with the size we want. Let's take a look at some of our sectional patio furniture collections.

OLI Dijon: This is our most affordable sectional patio furniture collection. Items have aluminum frames woven with synthetic wicker. Cushions are thick and comfortable. Modular pieces are medium sized.

Caluco Maxime: Luxurious sectional pieces with angled arms on the corners. Cushions are available in multiple Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Sectional pieces are complemented with matching dining chairs and tables.

Kettal Landscape: Extra large pieces of contemporary aluminum frames are the character of this collection. Kettal's new waterproof cushions provide maintenance free comfort. Both cushions and frames are available in various colors.

Kannoa Tangier: Simple yet elegant style is visible in Tangier collection from Kannoa. Section pieces are complemented with coffee tables. Comfortable Sunbrella cushions are offered in multiple colors.

Caluco San Michelle: This is a cast aluminum sectional patio furniture collection. Welted cushions are made with outdoor fabrics. Frames are rust-free cast aluminum. Collection offers simple elegance.

Kettal XXL: The king of all outdoor sectional furniture. Xxl offers Kettal luxury with bold frames woven with all-weather wicker. Cushions are comfortable. Xxl gets it's name from extra extra large proportions. If you are looking for large sectional patio furniture, this one will steal your heart.