Balcony Furniture (3 of 6)

Balcony furniture is great for those of us who live in apartment buildings and enjoy outdoors in our balconies. Balconies vary in sizes therefore is not easy to furnish because of size limitations. You might have a huge terrace or patio or you might have a small balcony. We put together this category for you with our most popular balcony furniture sets. Choose from bistro sets for two or dining sets for for more people and from materials that are resistant to balcony use like resin, teak, aluminum, cast aluminum and wicker.

Here are some useful tips for choosing the right balcony furniture:

- If your balcony has high railings and your view is interrupted then you should look for balcony height or bar height chairs. Balcony height chairs and furniture sets are not very easy to find.

- If your balcony view and your comfort is important look for balcony height furniture sets. For small balcony furniture look for chair sets and small side tables.

- If you live in a windy area than your furniture will easily become a liability that can fly out and hurt someone. For windy balconies you have to choose heavier chairs and tables. You might want to secure your furniture to the railings or to the balcony floor.

- Most city regulations prohibit hosing down your balcony. For this reason choose your furniture wisely for easy cleaning.