Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture

Modern outdoor patio furniture comes in many different materials and designs. Modern furniture usually feature simplicity, elegance and creativity. European designers are the leaders in modern furniture design and most of our lines are designed by them. Combined with good manufacturing and best materials all our modern designs provide comfort and elagance for outdoor areas.

We have some exciting new modern outdoor furniture collections this year. Lets take a look at each collection.

Kettal Bitta: Modern patio furniture at it's best. Bitta collection is a nautical driven design. Nautical ropes are braided over aluminum frames combined with thick cushions. Outdoor cushions have a laminated lining which makes them waterproof. Bitta collection offers dining chairs, tables, lounging sectionals, sofas, club chairs, day beds and chaise lounges. Most items are oversized to provide extra comfort.

Kettal Vieques: Contemporary frames with an innovative synthetic sling. The sling has a three dimensional depth to it and it's a must see collection. Frames are simple with angled lines. Tables have very unique legs and extremely elegant teak tops. Thick waterproof laminated cushions complete the collection.

Siesta Dejavu: European designs creating furniture sculptures out of polycarbonate. Dejavu offers unbreakable polycarbonate chairs and tables. Polycarbonate chairs are available in exciting and odd designs. Dejavu chairs available in multiple colors.

Triconfort Rivage: Rivage modern patio furniture is the result of French design combined with fine manufacturing. Aluminum and sling furniture is luxurious yet modern. Aluminum frames are treated with the most durable outdoor paints. Teak arms are made from certified aged teak. Collection offers chairs, tables, chaise lounges and dining sets.