Contemporary Outdoor Patio Furniture

Contemporary outdoor furniture is available in a wide variety of materials and with various different design aspects. Contemporary outdoor patio furniture complements modern indoors with clean and simple designs. We have a wide variety of contemporary patio furniture for your selection. Choose from best designers and manufacturers and their best work for modern outdoor living.

Every year designers from all around the world work with the best of manufacturers to come up with innovative outdoor furniture designs. This year we have great contemporary products that are ready to hit the market. Collections offering creative contemporary designs are looked at in depth below:

Triconfort Biarritz: This contemporary design for woven wicker over aluminum frames is a modern tweak of the popular woven materials. The heavy hitter in this collection is the swivel double chaise lounge that is also offered with a canopy. This is a very exclusive item that comes with a space age swivel base for sun tracking.

Kettal Bitta: Nautical design meets contemporary in this beautiful collection. Extra large proportions and thick cushions make the punch line. Earth colors resemble more indoor like ambience. Collection offers dining and lounge seating as well as sectionals.

Kettal Vieques: They have done it again. Kettal as always set the trend once again with this contemporary patio furniture. Each item is like a museum piece. Bold and angled frames combined with three dimensional slings create an unmatched outdoor space.

Kettal Maia: This is a collection made with open weave wicker with contemporary frames. Relax armchair is the conversation piece that offers a large frame with comfortable seating.