Pool Furniture Buying Tips

Pool Furniture Buying Tips

If you own a swimming pool and enjoy spending time next to your pool then you are probably shopping for pool furniture. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to purchasing pool furniture, so we wrote this guide to steer you through the obstacles of deciding what to buy for your pool area.

Choose a type of pool furniture. What is it that you like to do the most near the pool? Is it dining, sun-tanning or lounging? There are different types of pool furniter that you must decide between according to your needs.

Measure your space. Pool areas vary in size. Before purchasing anything, take a measuring tape and measure the area, then compare the measurements with the options for your furniture. Consider dining sets, chaise lounges, sectionals, and conversation sets.

Consider off season months. If you are not utilizing your swimming pool year round then you need to think about how to store them during the off season. We all make the mistake of thinking summer will never end. Look for stacking options for chairs and chaises -- consider durable materials if you are going to leave them outdoors.

Think colors. Pool furniture is offered in many colors. Keep in mind that materials with darker colors get hotter under sun, so opting for a lighter color might be best. You could also consider a material like resin, which stays cool in the sun.

Decide if you want cushions. Pool furniture can be offered with or without cushions, while some are available with slings. Depending on the kind of furniture you have, the decision to purchase cushions can be crucial. If you don't like maintaining cushions or periodically washing them then you should look at sling furniture. If comfort is the most important thing for you, then you should get cushions on your pool chaises, dining chairs and lounge chairs. Remember that cushions will get wet during swimming pool use, so think about purchasing reversible cushions or cushions that dry fast.

Ask for type of delivery. Swimming pools are usually easily accessible but pool furniture can be big and bulky. It would be wise to call and ask exactly how the furniture will be delivered. It could be with a freight carrier, which will be a curbside delivery; in this case you will need to have help at home to carry your package from the curbside to your home. We suggest calling your shop to ask before you order.

Choose a material. Swimming pool furniture is exposed to water, chlorine, salt water, humidity, insects, dirt, sun tan oils, and other elements, so it's important to choose your material carefully. You need to look for furniture made with highly durable materials. Below, we have listed the materials available for pool furniture with the pros and cons of each.

All-Weather Wicker Pool Furniture: Wicker pool furniture has aluminum frames with synthetic woven wicker wrapped around them.

Resin Pool Furniture: These are usually white plastic-like pool furniture items that are widely available.

Teak Pool Furniture: Teak or Shorea wood furniture gives the pool area a warm look. Teak furniture is widely available in many styles and price ranges.

Recycled Plastic Pool Furniture: recycled plastic pool furniture is a newcomer to the market with extremely durable characteristics.

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