New Artemis XL Club Seating

Dove Gray Artemis XL Club Seating Set

Dove Gray Artemis XL Club Seating Set

Just in for 2015 is our conversation item Artemis XL club chair from Siesta. This is a mono-block chair that has a massive construction. It requires a seat cushion but the whole frame is strong and sturdy. Item is perfect for club seating for all sizes. Wide and big design is clean and simple. Marine grade polypropylene construction offers years of carefree use.

Artemis XL can be bought as a single unit or a s sets that come with coffee table and side tables. Conversation sets offer many colors of cushions that are sold separately. This chair is perfect for poolside, balcony, porch or lawn use. Resin construction is resistant to all weather conditions, salt, chlorine and suntan oils.

Pacific Pool Chaise Lounge is here

Pacific Chaise Lounges in White Frame & Blue, Yellow, Turquoise Slings

Vibrant colors of resort chaise lounges

Sling chaise lounges are increasing in popularity and every manufacturer is coming up with a sling chaise lounge. However it’s not easy to come up with a reliable product especially when a sling is involved. There are lots of low quality sling chaises in the market, of which sag, rip, discolor or disintegrate in a few months.

I’m happy to announce that finally Siesta has come up with a great chaise lounge called the Pacific Sling Chaise. This chaise lounge has a 100% polypropylene construction made with marine grade resin. Sling is made from the world famous Batyline and is used in marine applications. It’s a modern chaise with simple functionality and a clean look. Chaise back adjusts to 5 positions and folds flat for more comfortable sun bathing. Recessed wheels make it easy to move around. It’s stackable for easy storage. Sling is easily replaceable if necessary.

Currently Siesta offers seven color combinations.

We started offering Pacific chaise lounge late in 2014 but it looks like it will be a hit for 2015 summer.


New Artemis Collection

Siesta keeps surprising us with great collections. Offered in 2014 Artemis collection quickly became a classic and will probably the best selling collection in 2015. Artemis collection offers polypropylene construction with simple sleek designs. Chairs and tables are offered in six pastel colors.

Dining group includes an armchair and a side chair. Dining tables are square and rectangle. All items are suitable for commercial and contract use. Chairs are CATAS® certified for commercial use.

As a group or as an individual item this collection offers timeless beauty and quality construction.

New Air Chair and Air XL Armchair

Another set of sibling chairs from Siesta. Air chair and Air XL armchair. Both chairs are mono-block single mold construction with no metal parts. Air chair is 100% polypropylene recyclable resin. Modern and contemporary design raises eyebrows. Comfortable contoured seating. CATAS® certified for commercial use which makes it perfect for hotels and restaurants.

Easy to clean with hose down water. Air chairs are all stackable. Chairs are offered in seven vibrant colors. Black, Dark Gray, Orange, Red, Tropical Green, White and Dove Gray.

Air chair was introduced in 2014 and Air XL is new for 2015. Both chairs are beautifully designed to fit any setting.



January 4th in Oleta River

It’s hard to believe that its already January 4th of 2015, but what’s harder to believe is we are going swimming. Yes the whole country is under an Arctic chill with temperatures below zero and Floridians are filling parks and beaches.

The beaches were windy so we decided to go to the small beach in the inlet in Oleta River park in North Miami. This is a beautiful park with canoe rentals, bike rentals and off road bike course and lots of picnic areas. Since we have two small kids we went straight to the beach. Most picnic tables were taken and Miamians already were enjoying this partly sunny day with temperatures in the eighties.

We settled on the beach and headed to the water. Most people were sitting in outdoor chairs that they brought with them and they were enjoying the sun. Water was crystal clear with lots of marine life. We quickly found a small conch that kept walking around in the shallows. The tide was low.

Our beach towels were laid and we enjoyed hours of sun, clean air, a warm breeze and clean swimming water. While lots of other visitors had their beach umbrellas and shade tents for protection from sun.

January in Miami. This is pretty much how it usually is.