Wild Dolphin Fins on Miami Beach

I can't believe it's March already. After a tiring day at work and I'm still fighting the flu. The whole country is under a cold front where some parts are snowing and some parts flooding. Basically North America is going thru a late winter with temperatures around 30s and 40s. Yet I just picked up my daughter from daycare and heading to our apartment on Collins Avenue on Miami Beach. It's about 70 F. It's cold enough not to go to the beach for Miamians. But hey since I'm home early and we have a new born who is almost two weeks old and my two and a half year old needs to run and release energy, I said lets go down to the beach. It's about 5:30 pm. Sun has already sunk behind the big condominiums leaving the beach with a cool shade. We walked down to the beach and didn't even take a towel. I had the condo chaise lounges in mind. There are always left over chaise lounges lying around on our beach. This time there were none. Our condo has strap beach chaise lounges. There was a large stack that was locked up. So we had to sit on the sand.

The beach was empty except some joggers north and a guy fishing south of us. Suddenly I saw a few people pointing the water and there they were a big pack of dolphins. They were very close to the shore. You could see many fins coming up. There were a few that jumped off the water but it's hard to catch these. We were very excited. I texted a few people while trying to take pictures and video at the same time. We sat on the beach about 45 minutes and the dolphins traveled from south of us to north of us and were very playful and looked like they were enjoying something.