Polycarbonate chairs show up in all styles

Clear Plastic Dining Chair

Crystal Dining Chair

The latest use of poly-carbonate as far as I know was the funny and fragile looking suitcases. Major brands like Samsonite have poly-carbonate suitcases that are guaranteed not to break. The advantage is poly-carbonate is light. It’s so strong that it can’t be broken easily. I don’t have a poly-carbonate suitcase but I’m sure people are happy with them. What I’m really interested are the newcomers in the modern furniture industry. Poly-carbonate started to show up as furniture. It’s offered in chairs, tables, bookcases, side tables and what not. Most people mistake poly-carbonate with acrylic which has been available for many years. Acrylic is much more fragile and cracks easily. They used to have acrylic side tables that crack in a few months.

The newcomer to the indoor outdoor furniture is poly-carbonate. Chairs and tables look fragile but they are not. How could I make sure this concern of my customers could be explained. I called our main poly-carbonate supplier and asked if they can give me a video of one chair that’s is being abused. They sent me the video the next day.  Here is the video of a poly-carbonate chair being thrown, smashed, bent, scraped and totally abused. Click the small video button to the right of the main picture in this link to Arthur Polycarbonate Chair. It’s our new Crystal chair from Siesta. I suggest you watch the video to the end and see with your own eyes what happens to this very fragile looking chair.

After watching this video you will really understand the difference between the old acrylic furniture and the new poly-carbonate furniture. If you want to see available models please follow the link above for newest poly-carbonate models.