New Florida Restaurant Chair

Hurricane season is almost over in Florida but unfortunate disaster from Hurricane Sandy hit the northern states leaving behind 60 million people effected with at least 100 casualties. During hurricane sandy Florida has some damages in the coastal areas but it really wasn't bad compared to other states. With this hurricane weather cooled off as a result of the cold front brought from north. Now the days are low eighties and at nights are low sixties.

The weather cooling off is a sign of the Florida tourist season. Snow birds will soon start flying down and filling hotels and apartments in Miami and South Florida. You can easily tell by the traffic congestion that really do not exist in any other time of the year in certain areas.  With all the tourists coming down to Florida, hotels and restaurants start getting ready for the busy season. Some hotels are completely changing their furniture and some of them are redesigning current areas. Restaurants are looking for better comfortable and eye catching furniture.

Just in time for the busy season we bring out the Florida chair. This is the armless side chair which is a complement to the Ibiza chair. Florida restaurant chairs are stackable. They are available in three colors; white, coffee brown and charcoal gray. Florida chair is a woven looking 100% polypropylene chair. This chair is great in all outdoor applications. If you look at the Wickerlook collection, you will see the four chairs offered are Verona, Capri, Ibiza and Florida. All these chairs are made for commercial use. They offer the woven look without the hassle of metal and aluminum and also obviously without the problems of unraveling wicker.

We are very excited to offer the Florida chair to the hospitality industry. Hopefully by this time next year this chair will be all over the country in the best hotels and restaurants.