Huge Surfing Day in Miami Beach after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy passed thru and heading to the northern states. We are left with some trees down and some broken balcony furniture. Today it's gusty winds and sunshine. And of course as we saw yesterday and today the best surf Miami has seen over the years. Below are pictures from Suuth Point in Miami Beach. Today around 11 am we drove to Bal Harbour to watch the surfers, however the tiny parkling lot under the bridge was full. Police was sending everyone on their way. There is no public parking in Bal Harbour so we said lets drive to South Point park in South Beach. Surprisingly the parking lot was not full. But the beach scene was a must see. I have never seen so many surfers in the water. I could see surfers all the way north. We sat right next to the southernmost guard tower and shot a few videos and took the below pictures. There were many professional photo crews taking advantage of the beautiful scenes. It was really a must see scene.  Continuum had their chaise lounges full of people. I hope this surf doesn't go away tomorrow.