Fun Furnishings "My First Chair" Care and Assembly Instructions

Toddlers will love feeling like a big kid with their own My First Chair by Fun Furnishings. Let them pull it up next to you with its convenient child-sized handle to watch a movie. Cozy, sturdy, yet light enough for small hands, these chairs are a great gift for little ones. Offered in gentle colors, it is made of fire retardant foam and included is a layer of fiber on the seating surfaces to help the fabric remain tight for longer.

My First Chair Care Instructions

Even though the chair is designed for longevity and to withstand children's play, all wear on the furniture cannot be avoided. Here are some tips to help you keep it looking good while your kids enjoy it:

  1. Jumping on the furniture can be a lot of fun, but it will make the piece look "tired" sooner.
  2. Sitting or jumping on the arms of the furniture is not recommended.
  3. As a result of acrobatic use the fabric may stretch. You can use a steamer or mister to lightly dampen the fabric with distilled water. As the fabric dries it will shrink slightly and look almost like new again.

Having a toddler around can be a lovely, if messy, experience. To help you handle any messes with ease, the covers of the My First Chair are fine upholstery-grade fabrics, and are washable as well. Here are some things you can do to keep them looking new:

  1. Blot up spills immediately. Surface wash any remaining stains with a mild, non-toxic cleaner. Don't rub too hard or use a strong cleaner; you'll remove the fabric's finish and possibly some color too.
  2. The furniture covers are removable. We recommend dry cleaning to keep the covers looking their best as long as possible.
  3. You may apply a scotch-guard type treatment to protect the covers. If you choose to do this always start with a small amount on the bottom of the piece to make certain the fabric will not be damaged.
  4. The white bed surface is a poly/cotton blend and can be cleaned with stronger stain removers.

My First Chair Assembly Instructions

Assembly is required for the My First Chair, and below are the instructions for assembly. As you assemble the chair, keep in mind that the foam may rip with excessive pulling and grabbing, so please use a smoothing motion to coax the fabric into place. Inserting the foam pieces is similar to placing pillows inside of pillow cases.


First: locate the zipper on the bottom of the slipcover and unzip it.

  1. Gently slip the rounded back cushion into the corresponding part of the slipcover that is rounded. Gently pull and smooth the cover over the foam to achieve a good fit.
  2. Locate the Velcro flaps inside the bottom of the slipcover, open, then encase the bottom of the rounded back cushion with the Velcro attachments. This will secure the back seat cushion into the slipcover.
  3. Turn the chair upside down to insert the foam seat.
  4. Gently work the foam seat into the cover. Insert one of the rounded arms into the corresponding rounded arm on the slipcover. Repeat with the other arm. Use a back and forth motion to ease the seat cushion into the slipcover.
  5. Turn the chair upright
  6. Continue to work the fabric down onto the foam seat, adjusting cushions so that they fit snugly into place.
  7. Zip up the bottom flap

Removal: Unzip and gently remove the seat cushion first, open the Velcro flaps, then remove the back cushion.