Fun Furnishings Beanbag Care Instructions

Sinking into a plush beanbag chair is a great way to relax, and with two different sizes, Fun Furnishing's line has a lot to love. The Small Beanbags are perfect for the little ones, and the Large Beanbags will carry kids through many years of growth. They come in colors from bold to understated that will match any house's decor and child's personality, and the beanbag's portability is perfect for any room, as well as for keeping a clean living space when it's not in use. Let the kids curl up with a book, mix and match colors so guests can enjoy them as well, and all the while feel safe in knowing that the filling is fire retardant as well as refillable.

Beanbag Care Instructions

The fabrics used for these beanbags are fine upholstery-grade and are meant to handle rough usage. Since we can't prevent the washable covers from getting dirty, here are some tips to help you keep them looking new:

  1. Blot up spills immediately. Surface wash any remaining stains with a mild, non-toxic cleaner. Don't rub too hard or use a strong cleaner; you'll remove the fabric's finish and possibly some color too.
  2. The furniture covers are removable. We recommend dry cleaning to keep the covers looking their best as long as possible.
  3. You may apply a scotch-guard type treatment to protect the covers. If you choose to do this always start with a small amount on the bottom of the piece to make certain the fabric will not be damaged.