Water Jogger Exercise Float

Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900
Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900Water Jogger Exercise Float SS87900
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Water Jogger Exercise Float

Water Jogger exercise float is a floating device that assists you to float in the water with complete arm freedom for all water activities. Made with closed cell foam and covered with soft vinyl. Great for water workouts. Stable between legs and comfortable to sit and ride. Some suggested exercises are: Chest Rest and Flutter Kick, Head Rest for Flutter Kick, Back Rest and Flutter Kick, Water Jogging with Free Hands and Dry Hair.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Aug 21, 2016,
I was so pleased to see that the water jogger is as wonderful as it was 8 years ago. I know this one will last just as long as the first one did. Well made product! Very pleased with the site and service!

5/5starsOn Jul 24, 2016,
I have given the water jogger as a gift now for two people and both have the same thing to say: "This is the best gift ever!!" What a refreshing and happy comment to make and it's true. You can exercise so many ways with it. It's versatile, small for storage, light weight, colorful and it does the job! Great find. Great purchase :).

5/5starsOn May 12, 2015,
I bought the Water Jogger Exercise Float and my wife loves it. She has several ways to float with her jogger. I ordered the jogger and it arrived almost immediately as promised.

5/5starsOn Oct 7, 2013,
I love my water jogger. I have had four and they last a long time. For awhile they were very hard to find so I am so happy to find what I wanted. I now have two - one to share with others when they come to the pool. No shipping charge was a plus and it arrived on time. Thanks for such good service

2/5starsOn Oct 2, 2013,
My sister loved the jogger when she finally got it. Poor. I never got an email to track it saying it was on the way. This was a birthday gift and ordered in plenty of time. When I called, they told me it shipped 2 weeks prior, had to check to find it got lost. Rep was matter of fact and said another would go out...and I'd get an email which I didn't. Got there days later, after her birthday. Very disappointing.

Available Color Options
  • Bahama Blue
    Bahama Blue
  • Kool Lime Green
    Kool Lime Green
  • Marina Blue
    Marina Blue
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