Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow King 38x6

Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow King 38x6 FL-SLANT-38-6
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  • Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow King 38x6
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  • Product ID: 001839
  • SKU: FL-SLANT-38-6

Product Description

Avana Slant bed wedge rest pillow in king size 38 inches by 6 inches. Elevation bed rest pillow as a safe and natural gerd solution to control night time acid reflux you need to put gravity to work for you. Elevating the head alone won't do the trick. The Slant does what pillows can't do. It works like a hospital bed to keep your whole torso gently elevated, providing the ideal comfort sleep surface. Especially recommended in pregnancy as a safe, natural addition to nighttime acid reflux. The Slant is designed with a urethane foam foundation covered in a layer of body contouring memory foam so you get the perfect combination of comfort and support. A high-grade antimocrobial padded polyester cover zips right off for easy washing.

  • Product ID: 001839
  • SKU: FL-SLANT-38-6
  • Measures: 38" Wide x 6" High x 38" Front to Back.
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • King size.
  • Machine washable.
  • Head pillow not included.
  • Made in USA.

Latest Customer Reviews

Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow King 38x6 FL-SLANT-38-6
September 18, 20125/5 stars 5.0
M. C. from Carmichael, CA
Excellent foam, would not get one any higher. Liked the extra width so you can roll side to side without re-positioning. The wedge is a tad long for me, I want it to end at my waist instead of at the bottom of my buttocks. I correct for this by pushing the wedge up a little and then sliding down in bed a little. The wedge took me about a week to get used to. The wedge has helped my GERD and I have not had a migraine since using it. I am wondering if the reduced head congestion prevents the migraines. I really think it is worth a try and is a better choice than the narrower version. The product arrived nicely packaged. Is covered in plastic with a box around. The foam is covered in a neutral fabric. The product arrived in about one week.
December 2, 20115/5 stars 5.0
J. L. from Midlothian, TX
Pros: Two together exactly fit width of king size bed. Arrived in good shipping boxes. Cons: Had two completely different covers. One solid beige and the other embossed floral design. Not feasible to return for exchange. "pillow cases" do not work of course. I found a twin sheet over the two together works reasonably well as "pillow case". With the very long angle, a 6" has very little benefit and should have ordered the 8".
January 13, 20115/5 stars 5.0
C. M. from Boulder, CO
An excellent wedge in every respect...good memory foam, a very nice zippered cover, etc. It is rather side for regular beds but fits queen and king very well. I would recommend this if you need a sleeping wedge
October 1, 20105/5 stars 5.0
T. L. from San Bernardino, CA
I ordered the 6" high pillow and it helps despite drawbacks. I can now sleep throughout the night without acid waking me up. The pillow is comfortable and supports both back and side sleepers. Memory foam is a bit soft for me and causes me to sink if I stay in the same place for awhile, and I end up having to roll around to stay on the firmer parts, but I got used to this. Also, even with the 6" pillow, I still slide down the pillow and have to keep pushing myself up higher, even though I need the height. Additionally, I put the pillow under my fitted sheet, but the fitted sheet does not stretch down completely to cover the top mattress. Despite the drawbacks, I like the size. This was the largest wedge pillow I could find on the internet when I bought it. I honestly don't think any smaller pillow would be sufficient for me, either in width or length. The long length gives better back support and the width allows side sleepers like me to roll around in my sleep. If the pillow gets too soft, there's plenty of space to find firmer portions of the pillow. There's also enough space for me to share the pillow with my wife. I got used to the pillow so much that I often forget that I'm sleeping on it and ocassionally have to remind myself what it's like to sleep without it! Despite the sliding and soft foam, the pillow helps me sleep better at night and is large enough for my sleep positions. I don't know of any other pillow that would meet these needs.
November 22, 20093/5 stars 3.0
M. W. from Hillsborough, CA
Since I keep sliding down the bed rest, my upper body isn't raised enough to do any good and I haven't had a good night's sleep since installing it in my bed. I finally took it out and have gone back to using two pillows. If they made one that was shorter than 38 inches long, it would be better, because I am a short person.
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