Plastic 50 lb. Umbrella Base Black PLC-00230

Plastic 50 lb. Umbrella Base Black

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Plastic patio umbrella base black fillable with water or sand. Made for the residential use of 7½ feet and 9 feet umbrellas only. Base accepts up to 1½ inch diameter poles. Weighs 35 lbs filled with water, 50 lbs filled with sand. Simple assembly. Dimensions: 16 inch diameter × 6½ inch overall height. Color: Black.


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Rated 5/5 stars May 12, 2021
One year later, this product held up thru summer and winter well. Sturdy. Simple. I would buy again. Thankfully I think this will last a few seasons. Only complaint was shipping took over a month. Order early.
By M. M. from Centreville, VA

Rated ⅗ stars March 23, 2021
Sorry it did not workout at all , it was too big to fit under the table and now is I shed gathering dust.
By J. S. from Cedar Hill, MO

Rated ⅗ stars December 11, 2020
Here's the problem: Even when I/you filled the base with water the umbrella has a tendency to topple over in the wind. Should I try cement?
By R. L. from Dobbs Ferry, NY

Rated ⅖ stars August 22, 2020
Really a poorly designed product. The umbrella leans to the side by about 20 degrees. There should be a raised pole shaft build into this base to help hold the umbrella pole straight upright. On a good note, a good amount of water in the base has prevented my umbrella from falling over in light wind/breezes.
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By W. B. from Upland, CA

Rated 5/5 stars August 12, 2020
I love this umbrella base. I had no idea it came with a built in handle which makes it so much easier to carry since it is so heavy with sand in it!
By K. C. from Montezuma, IA

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