(FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green FB-SNKLIT-GRN
(FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green FB-SNKLIT-GRN #2

(FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green

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Fatboy® LogoMy name is (FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green, and I will serve your snacking needs all while serving up a fight against AIDS! My oversized high-quality tray is made of metal with a high-gloss coating and equipped with a wireless, rechargeable light to help you light the way when you are snacking day or night. I also come with three bowls that are made out of a non-slip coating to make sure I remain firmly in balance on the tray. Whether you are snacking on the couch or hosting a friendly get together, I will ensure your drinks and snacks are stylishly secured and ready to serve!

The (FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green is a beautiful tray and lamp all in one. The (FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green comes with one rechargeable lamp with three different settings that will glow for up to 6.5 hours and connects to the tray with magnets. The battery and charger are included. Three bowls with anti-slip bottom are also included.

The (FATBOY)RED Special Edition Snacklight green is made for indoor and outdoor use. The tray is made out of high-quality metal with a high-gloss coating. The lamp and three bowls are made of Polypropylene material. The bowls are not microwaveable or dishwasher proof.

Available a variety of vibrant and stylish colors; easy to wipe clean with a mild soap and lukewarm water. The lamp measures 7 inches × 5.5 inches and the tray measures 1 inch × 23 inches.

Salesperson says:

Fatboy® USA contributes 10% of the proceeds from every (FATBOY)RED purchase to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. HIV/AIDS grants that (RED) supports are currently at work in Lesotho, Zambia, Rwanda, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana. Join the fight for an AIDS FREE GENERATION at RED.org!


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