Ultra Sunsation Pool Float - Bronze SS80215-18

Ultra Sunsation Pool Float - Bronze

Ultra Sunsation Pool Float - Bronze is currently not available. Click here to see our best selling FREE Shipping pool floats.

Bronze Ultra Sunsation Pool Float is our thickest foam float with a little less than 3 inch thickness. Vinyl coated foam and full roll pillow offers stability in the water. Thickness creates buoyancy with less contact with water. Made from permanently buoyant foam coated with heat processed vinyl. Very luxurious and comfortable. Ultra sunsation pool float is glossy smooth on bothsides. It's soft and permanently buoyant. Long-lasting luxury, with full-circle pillow, will not sink or deflate. This float is fully reversable. Full circle pillow provides extra buoyancy in the head area and is fully reversable. Glossy vinyl coating resists sun, chlorine, and salt water. Unsinkable pool float is extra large for added comfort. Approximate dimensions: 70" L × 26" W × 2.5" T. Made in USA. Available in six exciting colors.


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Latest Customer Reviews

Rated 5/5 stars July 6, 2020
This the ultimate float! Love, love, love this! When we get ready for another I will definitely be purchasing this again!❤?❤?❤?
By S. B. from Jacksboro, TN

Rated 5/5 stars June 30, 2020
Great pool float, exactly what we were looking for.
By R. H. from Sheffield, AL

Rated 5/5 stars June 25, 2020
We love our new mats. They are exactly what we expected!
By A. S. from Siloam Springs, AR

Rated 5/5 stars June 24, 2020
Super thick and a beautiful tropical blue color. I love it!
By V. S. from Midlothian, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 22, 2020
I love the float! It's very comfortable and worth the price. However, I ordered the teal but received the other blue color instead.
By K. L. from Midland, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 2, 2020
Best Pool Float Ever! Most similar floats for similar money are MUCH thinner and less stable in the pool. This is firm, yet soft and comfy and THICK! Worth every penny. Going to order another!
By K. S. from West Hills, CA

Rated 5/5 stars May 27, 2020
The pool float we purchases was exactly what we were looking For. We wanted a little thicker float for my husband and grand son.
By P. H. from Pinellas Park, FL

Rated 5/5 stars April 27, 2020
This floatie is the best and the color is awesome. Customer service was great and very responsive to a small issue I had.
By L. K. from Redington Beach, FL

Rated ⅖ stars January 18, 2020
Great service, great prices.
By T. K. from Redington Beach, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 8, 2019
Quality product. Most floats are very thin and flimsy but his float is exceptional. Amazing how thick and well made.
By D. F. from Ft. Mill, SC

Rated 5/5 stars June 7, 2019
We just bought 2 floats for memorial wknd 5-2019. The float has the best density (3” ) than others we have bought for floating. The problem we had is the mil thickness of the spray on colors. Like anyone else, we stacked the floats after we finished and put on the shelf. Next morning I separated the floats to use and the coating peels off from the aqua and sticks permanently to the raspberry colored float.
By M. R. from Dallas, TX

Rated 5/5 stars May 9, 2019
Great company & best pool float on the market! I own 2 and this will be their 3rd. season. Look fantastic. You get what you pay for. Take good care of them.
By J. M. from Denton, TX

Rated 5/5 stars May 9, 2019
Great company & best pool float on the market! You get what you pay for!
By J. M. from Denton, TX

Rated 5/5 stars August 7, 2018
This is a GREAT float and well worth the money. This is the 3rd float we've purchased from CozyDays and it won't be the last. You're worth it . . . buy the float!
By M. L. from Edwardsville, IL

Rated 5/5 stars June 25, 2018
This is the second time we have purchased this item. The first time was 7 years ago. The floats are still in use and are in remarkable condition for being used that long. We purchased 2 more to add to our collection because they are so popular with our guests when family and friends come to spend time at the pool.
By D. B. from Saint Johns, FL

Rated 5/5 stars February 9, 2018
This is my 3rd Ultra Sensation Pool Float I have bought from Cozy Days. I love the product! I tried the coral this time. Not disappointed! Delivery can't be beat either.
By K. P. from Shawnee, OK

Rated ⅘ stars June 15, 2017
I received my Float and the quality and the color were perfect. I have owned similar Floats and this one is by far the best quality. The only bad part is that i am 5'9" and the Float is about a foot to short and my feet hang off! Wish it was longer, but i love the float and will settle for the shortness. Shipping was quick and easy! Love It!
By A. G. from Hastings, NY

Rated ⅗ stars May 18, 2017
Only 5'7 in middle and 5'6 if your legs aren't crossed like in the picture. Very misleading, but everything else is fine. Now I just have a short float I can't use. Maybe they meant 6' if you ripped the pillow straight and ruined the float.
By S. K. from Surprise, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars July 20, 2016
Love my pool float. It does get hot from sun but a quick splash of water on it cools it right down. It's very comfortable too.
By M. D. from Redding, CA

Rated 5/5 stars May 19, 2016
Great products & quality...
By G. M. from Universal City, TX

Rated ⅖ stars June 10, 2015
I also had original Sensation Floats for 6 years and they were looking tired. The two new ones turned out to be an inch less wide and 2 inches shorter!! Very disappointing.
By P. K. from Ludlow, VT

Rated 5/5 stars August 20, 2014
Tropical teal a very cool color. Thick float, feels like a mattress. Invites you to sleep. Float could be a little longer, but that being said I would buy this float again for myself or as a gift. Thanks. No issues here. Float arrived quickly. No problems af any kind.
By J. M. from South Deerfield, MA

Rated 5/5 stars June 23, 2014
Excellent quality, extra thick. More expensive, but can handle more weight. Loved the free shipping, came in an expeditious manner.
By M. G. from Pauls Valley, OK

Rated 5/5 stars June 29, 2013
Wonderful! SO thick--hold my "hefty" husband well above the water.
By M. M. from Ypsilanti, MI

Rated 5/5 stars June 28, 2013
These are the best floats I have found. I did buy 2 floats from another company that said they sold the best floats. Needless to say I was not pleased. So I returned those and bought these from Cozy Days. They are extra thick, the outer coating is durable because my grandkids jump on them, twist them and give them a workout and they are still in excellent shape.
By K. T. from Jacksonville, FL

Rated ⅗ stars May 22, 2013
I had this float in teal for 15 years, it was great. After it fell apart, I purchased two. One in teal and one in aqua. The aqua one has holes in it after the first use! There were little bubbles and they tore into small holes. The teal one seems fine so far. I am extrememly disapointed and would like a replacement for the aqua color one. Thanks.
By L. W. from Grass Valley, CA

Rated ⅘ stars December 29, 2012
The color was a little different than that of the picture, but everything else about the pool float was fine!
By P. K. from Douglassville, PA

Rated 5/5 stars October 3, 2012
The ultra thickness of this float makes laying on my back or stomach very comfortable, while staying dry. When laying on my stomach, I prefer to flip the float over and have the bigger part of the head rest facing the water. This is a high quality float and well worth the price. I have used it nearly every day in the pool in the six weeks I have had it. The float arrived sooner than I expected.
By R. N. from Pensacola, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 1, 2012
We haven't actually used the product yet as they were gifts for someone to be used next summer, but they arrived sooner than promised (when does that ever happen) and in good condition. I would certainly order again from you.
By M. P. from New Hope, PA

Rated 5/5 stars September 1, 2012
By K. H. from Gainesville, GA

Rated 5/5 stars August 31, 2012
I love the Texas Rec Ultra Sunsation Pool Float. I weigh over 280 pounds. I feel very relaxed and comfortable on this float. The service was excelent. I received the float in less than a week after placing my order. The float arrived in great shape.
By R. J. from Monkton, MD

Rated 5/5 stars August 11, 2012
A great float with lots of buoyancy and a good feel to the surface. Large enough that the kids can all get on at once. Very Comfortable!
By A. L. from Alexandria, VA

Rated 5/5 stars August 5, 2012
had a little smell when i opened it. but after a few days the smell went away. all in all i love it.
By R. W. from Pittsburgh, PA

Rated ⅘ stars August 4, 2012
Very comfortable thick float. Rubber coating is very thin and easy to puncture with finger nails. Would not recommend if you have kids, but fine for adults.
By B. G. from Clarksville, MD

Rated 5/5 stars August 4, 2012
High quality product. The best pool float I've ever used. Keeps your head and neck dry. Quickly and easily shipped with no problems.
By T. E. from Indianapolis, IN

Rated 5/5 stars August 4, 2012
Great pool float to thoroughly enjoy the pool on a hot summer day. Delivered in no time. Thanks!!!
By M. C. from Attica, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 22, 2012
excellent product i should have called you when received it has a hole on the back of the headrest,should of been caught before shipped.
By D. E. from Lasalle, IL

Rated ⅗ stars July 19, 2012
These floats are actually too thick. It's hard to climb onto them. For smaller, lighter folks I would recommend maybe a medium thickness. Also, when the floats are punctured (which will obviously happen with normal usage) the color is not the same as the exterior color. So the puncture shows up a lot.
By L. M. from San Antonio, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 19, 2012
Very pleased with the width and quality of this float. I weigh 200 pounds and it holds most of me out of the water. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high-end float that will hold up to playing children and heavy adults. The float came well packaged and in record time.
By B. U. from Roanoke Rapids, NC

Rated 5/5 stars July 17, 2012
I am so pleased with these rafts. They hold you up out of the water just like the picture shows. You can even roll over on them without getting dumped in the water. Highly recommend. Don't waste your money on all those other rafts on the market.
By S. P. from Mckinney, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 16, 2012
We really like this float. I'm thinking about ordering another for my daughter! Very good service no complaints
By L. S. from Cortland, OH

Rated 5/5 stars June 26, 2012
this float is a must in the pool for the heavier person, very good product great service
By J. C. from Greenwood, IN

Rated 5/5 stars June 5, 2012
If you want a float that doesn't flip and squirm when you try to get on it - if you want a float that keeps your whole body out of the water - then you've found it. I've always "settled" into the middle of a float with my mid section submerged in a small lake - not anymore. Love this float!
By L. M. from Houston, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 2, 2012
These 3' floats are fabulous! I am 6'2, 185 and the Ultra Sunsation Pool Float keeps my rear end out of the water. The curled pillow provides just the right angle for comfort. I have owned several of these 3' pool floats over the years and there are none better.
By J. L. from Las Vegas, NV

Rated 5/5 stars May 26, 2012
This pool float is great, I have been looking for a raft that would hold bigger people. this raft can hold a person over 225 lbs. and it is comfortable on your back and stomach. I am planning to get amother waiting for better colors
By N. G. from Palos Heights, IL

Rated 5/5 stars May 9, 2012
Just awesome, better than advertised !
By J. P. from Atlanta, GA

Rated 5/5 stars November 8, 2011
Rather pricey, but top quality. Good service and delivery.
By B. W. from Lawrence, KS

Rated ⅘ stars October 26, 2011
We received our rafts and they are fantastic. However, they were not sent out when they were supposed to be. It took 20+ days. I had to call the company twice to find out where they were and I asked for an additional discount. They did give me one but only because I was persistent.
By D. B. from Saint Johns, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 5, 2011
Great thick pool floats. Classic design. Simple, Thick, Good Quality. Comfortrable.
By K. B. from Palm Springs, CA

Rated 5/5 stars October 4, 2011
I am very pleased with the float. It is remarkably relaxing!
By R. P. from The Villages, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 4, 2011
I ordered the cover and needed to cut to fit. It was an ideal reasonably cost solution to what I needed.
By R. P. from The Villages, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 3, 2011
Funtastic I love this tipe of float inside or outside the pool area and ligth to transport as well . It support me very well on the top of water level ,and the combination of the very confortable mat floating and the water make you relax instantly, to be onest i have never experience anything like it ,soooo relaxing. thank you guys great invention.
By P. C. from Cape Coral, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 6, 2011
Great product. Good quality. Better price than local shops. I love the fact that it's thick and soft. I'm 6.1 and 210 lbs and it keeps me floating without touching the water. Will enjoy next few months on this great float. Thanks Cozydays, you rock!
By W. L. from Pompano Beach, FL

Rated ⅘ stars August 4, 2011
The float was thick but more narrow than expected. Kids like it but adults cannot float like featured adults in photo.
By J. K. from Durham, CT

Rated 5/5 stars July 28, 2011
Love the float. Great quality and very comfortable. Nice addition to our pool.
By J. R. from Bowling Green, KY

Rated 5/5 stars July 18, 2011
The float was just what I was looking for. I am large & heavy (245 pounds) & the foat is thick enough to keep me out of the water & dry. Very happy I bought this foat!
By K. B. from Kyle, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 14, 2011
A friend thought it was crazy to buy such a thick float...that is now the first one he wants to use. Great product.
By T. K. from Mclean, VA

Rated 5/5 stars July 11, 2011
Great float. Love it!
By L. D. from Valrico, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 11, 2011
I Love this pool float. It's like laying on a mattress in the pool.
By L. D. from Valrico, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 11, 2011
We are really enjoying our new floats! They are really great quality, if anyone is interested in them don't give it another thought! Go ahead , order this float! You'll be glad you did.
By G. E. from Springville, IN

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2011
I love my floats.. I bought one, then I ordered another.. I am going to order the blue next.. My friends where over swimming and just loved the floats. They are going to buy some also.. Highly recommeded!! Linda Duncan
By L. D. from Central Lake, MI

Rated 5/5 stars June 27, 2011
This float is great! I am 6'5" and 240 lbs. and it has no problem keeping me afloat. In fact, my 2 young daughters can climb on top of me while I'm on the float and it still won't sink. If there is a negative, it's that the bronze float absorbs the heat from the sun and can get a bit warm is you aren't on it, but all you need to do is splash a little water on it and it cools off immediately. Like I said, great float. Best we have ever had!
By S. C. from Marshall, TX

Rated 5/5 stars May 27, 2011
This is the best, thickest, most durable pool float I have ever bought. You will not regret buying it.
By T. B. from Bunnell, FL

Rated 5/5 stars May 11, 2011
Best float ever - comfortable and roomy.
By C. W. from Fort Worth, TX

Rated ⅘ stars April 20, 2011
It is very nice but difficult to get on; I slid off!
By H. L. from Marco Island, FL

Rated 5/5 stars January 5, 2011
Great product, service and price! Great job, Thanks
By D. V. from San Clemente, CA

Rated 5/5 stars January 5, 2011
AWESOME product, price, and service! Great Job!
By D. V. from San Clemente, CA

Rated 5/5 stars January 4, 2011
My husband loves the float. Since it is cold here in Maryland, he hasn't been able to try it out yet. I thought the price was reasonable and appreciated the free shipping.
By A. B. from Ellicott City, MD

Rated ⅗ stars December 27, 2010
I gave this item as a Christmas gift.
By G. P. from West River, MD

Rated ⅘ stars October 21, 2010
As good as discribed , but dificult to get on.
By R. S. from Venice, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 31, 2010
Great price for a great product!
By D. H. from Perrysburg, OH

Rated 5/5 stars July 30, 2010
Love this float! Cool and comfortable. Holds me and my child up with no problems!!
By T. G. from Forest, VA

Rated 5/5 stars July 28, 2010
Great quality.
By M. E. from Fayetteville, AR

Rated 5/5 stars July 21, 2010
We ordered two pool floats for three grandaughters. They were such a hit that I ordered a third. They are durable and more comftorable with the head pillow rest, which my wife and I both enjoy. I've already thrown out our two other floats in favor of these Sunsation Pool Floats.
By F. W. from Indianapolis, IN

Rated 5/5 stars July 19, 2010
We bought 2 of the Ultra Sunsation Pool Floats and love them. They are very comfortable. The floats are thicker than most other products out there.
By H. F. from Marstons Mills, MA

Rated 5/5 stars July 15, 2010
Love them. Great quality and the extra thickness makes such a dfference! Good value.
By K. W. from New Canaan, CT

Rated 5/5 stars July 12, 2010
I purchased this float on-line because we just couldn't find one sturdy enough for my husband locally. I had it shipped to work and all of the pool owners in the office took turns laying on it to try it out. It is by far the best float I've ever purchased. You get what you pay for and this is a quality float! I intend to get another before the end of the season.
By M. L. from Troy, IL

Rated 5/5 stars July 11, 2010
Great float, and great seller. I was able to have it very quickly and was in pool relaxing.
By M. K. from Birmingham, AL

Rated 5/5 stars July 2, 2010
I purchased two of these pool floats in the coral color. They look beautiful in my pool and are amazingly comfortable. No more worries about a float losing air. Another great feature is the length. The float bumps into the sides of the pool decking, rather than my head or my feet hitting it. I'm glad I bought the thickest ones, too. For the price, I'm hoping these will last a long time. I would recommend these to anyone.
By C. C. from Yuma, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars July 1, 2010
Worth every penny. This is the best float ever!
By J. G. from Waxahachie, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 25, 2010
I have bought three floats total! We love them. They are easy to get on even for an overweight adult.
By B. W. from Maryville, TN

Rated 5/5 stars June 16, 2010
Fabulous! We just built our pool and I was searching for a float that would be the same thickness and quality as the ones I had recently used at a resort in Turks & Caicos. Most of my research showed floats that were an inch or so in thickness and I knew that would not be the ultimate leisurely float I was seeking. I found yours on line and rhey are perfect!! This is proving to be a great summer - very relaxing!
By S. C. from Owings Mills, MD

Rated 5/5 stars June 8, 2010
I bought 2 of these floats. They are superb quality. Very thick but also bendable. My grandkids put them through a number and they are still in excellent shape. Love them.
By K. T. from Middleburg, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 21, 2009
I ordered one of these floats last year and like it so much that I just bought another. The first one had a minor flaw which was exchanged for a new one with no problem. I will order again from CozyDays in the future.
By J. S. from Baton Rouge, LA

Rated 5/5 stars July 17, 2009
Excellent pricing and shipping from CozyDays..
By J. D. from Broomfield, CO

Rated 5/5 stars July 2, 2009
Am very pleased with the ease of ordering, delivery, and product quality. Will come back when I need something else.
By M. H. from Dallas, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 1, 2009
The product was everything I had hoped it would be. But sales folks must work harder to inform customers to the correct delivery schedule. One week prior to Mother's Day I ordered mine as a gift for Mother's Day. Your Sales advised me it would be delivered within 3 to 5 business days, which would have gotten to me the Thursday before Mother's Day, But when I called back to get status, the story changed to it would be shipped 3 to 5 business days, and delivered another 5 days after that. Needless to say the gift was late by 5 days. Which did not sit well with me. Better communications on your part would have helped the situation greatly.
By B. H. from Valrico, FL

Rated 5/5 stars May 20, 2009
I was extremely pleased with the fast service I got from Cozy Days. The new Ultra Sunsation Pool Floats are absolutely great. I have spent many hours in the sun for years in my pool and this item is ideal - serves my needs very well. The extra thickness is super - well worth the money to me. Am happy that I chose the Aquamarine color - it even matches the tile around my pool! Way to go Cozy Days!!!!!! Tom Harper
By T. H. from Visalia, CA

Rated 5/5 stars May 17, 2009
Shipped in great condition. Thanks
By M. K. from Navarre, FL

Rated 5/5 stars May 15, 2009
I will just say one thing, I spend my whole day at the pool with this beautiful and comfortable float. I threw away the old inflatable ones away. Good product. Thanks.
By K. J. from Coral Gables, FL

Rated 5/5 stars March 27, 2009
These pool floats are awesome! Our order was processed in the blink of an eye and delivered in perfect condition. Pool time in Houston just got even better! Thanks!
By S. R. from Houston, TX

Rated 5/5 stars August 20, 2008
I love my new raft. I am able to lay in my pool with comfort and without my back hurting.
By J. D. from St. Louis, NV

Rated 5/5 stars August 6, 2008
The product is wonderful. It fulfilled all my expectations.
By C. R. from Belchertown, MA

Rated 5/5 stars August 4, 2008
Very nice float. I should have ordered two, my wife is on it all of the time. The thickness is good to keep you above the water but allows you to bend at the waist to col off. I had a thinner one and it lasted years I believe this one is just as durable.
By D. S. from Amelia, VA

Rated 5/5 stars July 23, 2008
This is our second float from CozyDays. Great product, great price, great company!
By C. B. from Visalia, CA

Rated 5/5 stars July 21, 2008
great floats !!!! Came on time and are perfect for the pool..
By L. I. from Las Vegas, NV

Rated 5/5 stars July 20, 2008
WOW!!! Our Ultra Sensation Pool Floats certainly are SENSATIONAL!! They are so thick and cushy that everyone fights over them. Our old ones can't compare. The coral color is luscious too. They are worth every penny and we look forward to years of pleasure.
By R. S. from Knoxville, TN

Rated 5/5 stars July 19, 2008
I've been using pool floats since my first pool over thirty years ago and The Ultra Sunsation Pool Float is the best I've ever had. I plan to buy morefor guests.
By J. P. from Visalia, CA

Rated 5/5 stars July 10, 2008
These pool floats are great! I purchased two of them for my husband for father's day (knowing that I would also be able to benefit!) and they are high quality and sturdy floats. They are a hit with those that swim in our pool!
By G. F. from Cortlandt Manor, NY

Rated ⅘ stars July 3, 2008
Fast shipping. Pool float has spots that look like they will wear away, manufacturer's fault, not Cozy Days; likewise with chair where the metal bar is covered.
By K. F. from Plainview, NY

Rated 5/5 stars June 27, 2008
The float arrived with a factory imperfection. I received a replacement within 5 days. Good friendly service, and it isn't made in the USA. It's made in TEXAS... even better!
By J. S. from Baton Rouge, LA

Rated 5/5 stars June 25, 2008
Great pool float! My 6'3", 210 lb husband can finally keep from sinking!
By A. B. from Las Cruces, NM

Rated ⅗ stars June 23, 2008
The staff forgot to put in my order. I waited for 20 days,and called twice. The first time I called, I was promised to receive a call within an hour with a tracking number. Never got that call. Called the following week again and received the promise. This time, a nicer customer service person, called back, apologized that the order was never sent to the manufacturer and that she had just done it. Finally---an entire month later my package arrived.
By M. S. from Reaford, NC

Rated 5/5 stars July 14, 2007
Very thick and comfortable. I didn't think they would be so thick but so soft. I'm very happy with this purchase. Thanks for the advise.
By D. S. from Laguna Beach, CA

Rated 5/5 stars July 1, 2007
I am a heavy person. This is the only float that keeps me on the water. I have purchased many and returned. Thank you for all the help. Great quality product and good customer service.
By G. N. from Washington, DC

Rated 5/5 stars May 15, 2007
I love this float. It is very soft and thick. Thanks.
By P. A. from Los Angeles, CA

Rated 5/5 stars May 6, 2007
I have tried many different pool floats. This one, finally is the one I have been waiting. It is more stable than the thinner floats. I had trouble getting on the thinner ones. But this one is more rigid and you can easily get on it without much effort. Thanks.
By J. L. from Lake Havasu, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars May 3, 2007
We love this float. Thick and strong. Thanks.
By F. Z. from Irvine, CA

Rated 5/5 stars May 2, 2007
Very thick. Beautiful colors. Our family loved them. Great buy. Thanks.
By E. F. from Fort Lauderdale, FL

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