Folding Baja II Pool Float Lounge - Bahama Blue SS65701-26

Folding Baja II Pool Float Lounge - Bahama Blue

Folding Baja II Pool Float Lounge - Bahama Blue is currently not available. Click here to see our best selling FREE Shipping pool floats.

Bahama Blue Folding Baja II floating foam pool lounge features highest quality super soft vinyl coated closed cell foam. Built-in headrest for neck support. Extra wide and long seat for added comfort. Folds down for easy storage, unfolds for seated comfort. Made with easy to clean vinyl coated foam. Adjusts to one sitting position and can be fully folded for easy carrying. Available in multiple colors. Made in USA.


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Latest Customer Reviews

Rated ⅗ stars July 9, 2020
It works, rther it be adjustable though
By D. T. from Santa Clarita, CA

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2020
Beautiful bronze colored lounge! Comfortable, and folds up nicely for storage.
By T. H. from Bellefonte, PA

Rated 5/5 stars July 4, 2020
Love the Baja ll folding chair great for relaxing in the pool
By V. F. from Evansville, IN

Rated ⅖ stars June 30, 2020
the picture is very miss leading. The chair we got is not as long as the one that is pictured and does not recline back as far as the one pictured. The quality is sub par for the amount of money paid for this item I will most definitely do my home work more diligently in the future before I purchase an item like this off the internet.
By K. M. from Etters, PA

Rated ⅗ stars June 29, 2020
Lounge is unstable. Need to find the right position to make it stable. Easy to assemble.
By L. M. from Suburn, CA

Rated 5/5 stars June 26, 2020
I purchased this chair for my wife for her birthday! She has wanted one for about a year. Well she loves it! She did say it is a little wobbly. The price was the best I saw out there. We have had it for a month and it was a great purchase. I am honestly thinking of purchasing another. I read up on many different kind or brands and we are happy with this one. It’s worth the price!
By A. F. from Orland Park, IL

Rated 5/5 stars June 14, 2020
Absolutely the worst pool lounge chair I have ever bought. When you sit down in the chair in the pool it flips over , very disappointed ☹?
By M. D. from Middleburg, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 10, 2020
I love this product! Fun times in the sun!!????
By W. M. from Los Angeles, CA

Rated ⅗ stars April 11, 2020
The chairs are comfortable, but we noticed a small tear in the material in just a couple of months.
By B. S. from Sarasota, FL

Rated 5/5 stars December 28, 2019
Amazing float. Just bought two more !!!!!
By S. L. from Franklin Lakes, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars November 8, 2019
I had expected them to look like the picture. Instead they were very unstable and the back came down without your trying to make it come down, water everywhere and very unbalanced. I had taken a bottle in with me and was scared to death I wouldn't be able to reach the side before it slipped out and broke. Very disappointed.
By L. F. from Owings, MD

Rated 5/5 stars October 29, 2019
Floats great very comfortable holding up well the only bad part is I can’t get my wife off it
By T. N. from Port Charlotte, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 20, 2019
Love this float
By L. M. from Rotonda West, FL

Rated ⅕ stars October 5, 2019
This floating chair is great for people who are 75 pounds or less. It absolutely is terrible for anyone heavier because it simply just tips over no matter how you try to get onto it from the water. And once you’re in it you have to sit really still or it’ll tip over. Not a good value for the money. It is not a relaxing float.
By C. G. from Elloree, SC

Rated ⅗ stars October 2, 2019
Difficult to get on and you dont sit up quite as in picture.. would look for alternatives.. material is nice
By V. E. from Vero Beach, FL

Rated 5/5 stars September 28, 2019
This has turned out to be a great buy. We got it in a bronze color which blends in with our other furniture, didn’t want the pool toys to stand out and detract. It’s comfortable and doesn’t require inflation! Love that.
By C. B. from Morada, CA

Rated ⅗ stars September 20, 2019
A little disappointed-only my children can sit in this chair. Anyone over 110 pounds makes it tip over.
By C. H. from Prosper, TX

Rated ⅖ stars September 19, 2019
Looks like it would be very comfortable in the picture, but in reality the cushion does not extend to your ankles, more like just past the knees. Prepare to get wet. So unstable to get on and even to stay afloat, you're going to fall in My husband bought me this as a surprise, but I cannot recommend it.
By W. M. from Quakake, PA

Rated ⅕ stars August 31, 2019
Unbalanced not worth the money
By M. K. from Lake Mary, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 19, 2019
Very comfortable and sturdy. So relaxing.
By K. P. from Bethlehem, PA

Rated 5/5 stars August 17, 2019
This is the best raft I have used especially if you have neck or back problems.
By S. P. from New Castle, IN

Rated 5/5 stars August 12, 2019
A nice float a bit over priced wish it had more positions
By R. P. from Norfolk, NE

Rated 5/5 stars August 10, 2019
By J. M. from Mount Pleasant, SC

Rated 5/5 stars August 7, 2019
Good quality material. A little unsteady in the water, if you lean a little to either side you'll be flipping over.
By M. P. from Ludlow, MA

Rated 5/5 stars August 7, 2019
Thought it was pricey until I compared it to similar items. Good price, good quality, and best of all, my wife loves it.
By G. F. from Levittown, PA

Rated ⅕ stars August 2, 2019
Your service was great but the product was very unstable! We tried it once and never used it again! Can I send it back ? Thanks for asking !
By R. M. from Linden, MI

Rated 5/5 stars July 28, 2019
Love this float,have used several times already. Just can't really use the cupholders as they fill with water.
By K. M. from Loranger, LA

Rated 5/5 stars July 25, 2019
I’ve bought the much more expensive pool chairs from Frontage (they only last 2 years then rusty water comes out of them: yuk!) ,and I have to say that this chair is better in every way. It’s more comfortable, it’s not as clunky, and it’s significantly cheaper. I bought one last year and I decided to have a spare so I ordered another this year. I’ve only been used it a about 15 times, but I really really like it.
By C. H. from Syracuse, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 23, 2019
Great product. Really like the redesign on the cup holders. Great seller. Excellent buying experience.
By M. M. from Woodstock, GA

Rated 5/5 stars July 21, 2019
Chairs came with tears in the corner. ..Ordered them for a party so had to use them. Not what I expected and not like the older ones that I had for years
By J. G. from Slidell, LA

Rated ⅘ stars July 16, 2019
Actually work well once you get body weight distributed properly. However, photo is deceiving. Cup holders can’t be used as they fill with water. Otherwise perfect for just floating and relaxing
By J. R. from Hamden, CT

Rated 5/5 stars July 14, 2019
Love the chair, very comfortable and reasonably priced. Wish more colors were available!
By S. B. from Monticello, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 14, 2019
First Class Customer Service Here !!!
By G. P. from Providence, RI

Rated 5/5 stars July 12, 2019
We love it. Perfect for reading a book.
By C. S. from Marengo, IA

Rated 5/5 stars July 12, 2019
Recently purchased the Folding Baja II pool float lounge and really enjoying it! It is a little bit heavy but it holds up well in the water. I can read a book while floating and not get too wet. You will sink into the water but that’s what you want to do on a hot day in the South.
By J. J. from Nashville, TN

Rated 5/5 stars July 10, 2019
Just purchased for Father’s Day for husband and loves it! I have purchased 2 similar lounges previously and he liked this one the best stated it fitted higher on his back and so comfortable-definitely was worth purchase thinking of a second one...
By C. C. from Tucson, AZ

Rated ⅕ stars July 8, 2019
Product tears easily And is tippy
By J. W. from Shrewsbury, MA

Rated ⅘ stars July 5, 2019
Like it, but it's very tippy and hard to get into. You need good balance for this float. Also, I have yet to be able to make it lay flat.
By K. F. from Atkinson, NH

Rated ⅕ stars June 29, 2019
Terrible product, very unstable hard to get on but very easy to roll out.If we wanted a thrill ride we would go to a water park. Too expensive to return ship, so we are stuck with floating ornament or poorly designed kick board. Even our toy poodle prefers the cheap bogie board to float around pool on.
By W. D. from Palm Coast, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 21, 2019
This is the second one we have ordered! The one from last year still looks brand new. They are amazing! Very comfortable, durable, and you don't even have to get wet if you don't want to. Very happy with our purchase as they will last a lifetime.
By J. L. from Oak Park, CA

Rated 5/5 stars June 17, 2019
The product is durable and seems to be good quality however we were very disappointed in the size. For most part this is not an adult size lounger.
By M. M. from Fremont, OH

Rated 5/5 stars June 17, 2019
Great product - ordered 2 - sturdy - stable
By R. T. from Wilmington, DE

Rated 5/5 stars June 5, 2019
Love, love, love this lounger!! It’s super comfortable and reclines nicely. This will be our second summer with this chair. Came out of storage in the garage like new. It’s surprisingly heavy, too. Worth the extra $$ but still waiting for a deal to buy more ??
By D. C. from Woodstock, GA

Rated 5/5 stars June 4, 2019
This is our 2nd chair. Great construction. Wife will not go in the pool without it.
By H. S. from Myrtle Beach, SC

Rated 5/5 stars May 31, 2019
I love my floating chair. I have purchased this chair in the past and spent a lot more money. Very pleased and have already recommended it.
By S. M. from Palmetto Bay, FL

Rated ⅖ stars May 24, 2019
The float wouldnt stay upright.
By M. M. from Esko, MN

Rated ⅘ stars May 23, 2019
We love our chairs. The color was great. It’s super comfortable and sturdy. The only reason I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is because they were way too expensive.
By D. B. from Cypress, TX

Rated 5/5 stars May 21, 2019
We love these chairs-they are well made and thick. My husband is tall (6’) and finds that it’s a little short in the back height and leg length, but not unusable.
By S. O. from Houston, TX

Rated ⅕ stars May 19, 2019
It is not adjustable. The back doesn't stay up like the picture. When sitting in it the back goes back do much that it's like a blowup float. You don't sit in it you "lay" on it. I was VERY disappointed in this especially for what the cost was.
By R. M. from Glendale, KY

Rated 5/5 stars May 16, 2019
I love this floating lounge chair! It's exactly what i was looking for! Great quality! Love floating around and relaxing in it in our pool! It's my water throne!
By J. W. from Lake Arrowhead, CA

Rated 5/5 stars May 10, 2019
Very relaxing pool lounge. I had a similar one a few years ago. This lounge I have to say is made a little shorter in length and and width ... but I still enjoy it.
By D. B. from Orange, CT

Rated 5/5 stars May 6, 2019
I love these floating chairs. So comfy. If you suffer from back problems like me, I highly recommend these loungers!
By J. J. from Millstadt, IL

Rated 5/5 stars May 1, 2019
I am very pleased with the product and the service that you’re providing thank you very much Randy Price
By R. P. from Gilmer, TX

Rated 5/5 stars April 30, 2019
Love the chair, cant get past the smell though. Shipped super fast and so far has lasted 2 summers.
By K. D. from Pensacola, FL

Rated ⅗ stars April 29, 2019
Within a few weeks the arm construction was separating
By T. D. from Lumberton, TX

Rated ⅕ stars April 27, 2019
The float is not worth the money because it started getting tear spots and i only had it for 3 months! See attached pics! They sent me some touch up sealant but would not replace it! I do not recommend!
By K. S. from Houston, TX

Rated ⅕ stars April 23, 2019
I was actually very disappointed in this float. It would not hold you above water. The cup holders would sink under the water so you couldnt use them. It also started ripping at the armrests of the float. I didnt even have it a year.
By M. G. from Saint Johns, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 27, 2018
By R. M. from Salem, NH

Rated ⅕ stars September 10, 2018
Product was not a sturdy as the advertising implied. Was not large enough. Went return the product and shipping was $133.00 so I was not able to return the product. Very unhappy.
By K. P. from Dexter, MI

Rated 5/5 stars August 7, 2018
Great chair and good price!!!
By S. M. from Brick, NJ

Rated ⅖ stars August 7, 2018
Surface has bumps with sharp edges rather than smooth and makes the chair uncomfortable. Would not buy again. Acceptable.
By T. K. from Carefree, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars August 2, 2018
I tried it out this weekend and I love it! No exposed parts and folds up nicely for storage. I purchased my first chair similar to this one in 1998 and with proper care they will last for years. I ordered online and shipping was free
By L. S. from Corsicana, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 26, 2018
Can’t give product review bcuZ I never received product. Received email telling me it would arrive July 3 - didn’t arrive and when I checked tracking info it told me order was canceled by company. When I called to find out why it took me 3 emails and 4 calls to get someone to answer me. Was told it could take several weeks for delivery and they had new people working who had made this mistake!!! This was a product I really wanted to try. But I canceled my order!!!
By S. H. from Naples, FL

Rated ⅗ stars July 5, 2018
Love the float, needs to be longer. I had an older one that was longer, it just died after 25 years.
By M. L. from Denton, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 26, 2018
This flow is very comfortable you could just about sleep in it wish it was a little bit longer since my husband is tall his feet hang off but it is the perfect size for me but we both enjoy them very much The service was great no problems with anything at all
By T. G. from Gardner, IL

Rated ⅘ stars June 26, 2018
The chairs are comfortable, the only problem is they need to be a little wider and longer so your feet don't hang over.
By S. M. from Clinton Township, MI

Rated ⅘ stars June 25, 2018
Positives - See ft, nice color and because it isn’t inflatable, we didn’t have to blow it up and we don’t worry about it getting holes. Negatives - tippier than expected. Need to carefully distribute weight. Also back rest doesn’t lean back easily.
By R. S. from New York, NY

Rated 5/5 stars June 11, 2018
Great product and super fast service. I really like the way they fold up for storage. Excellent turn time on the order. It arrived several days sooner than I thought it would. Excellent service and excellent product.
By M. M. from Aubrey, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 6, 2018
Love it! We have to buy another one because we are all fighting over it!
By B. R. from Plantation, FL

Rated 5/5 stars May 5, 2018
We absolutely love them, we bought two of them.
By J. G. from North Fort Myers, FL

Rated 5/5 stars May 5, 2018
This is the second pool float of this model i have ordered. They normally last 3-4 years with normal use and proper storage. Good quality and comfortable. Fast and free shipping.
By L. A. from Holly Hill, FL

Rated 5/5 stars March 30, 2018
I haven’t got to try them yet bc it’s cold weather. But they look nice and good quality.
By D. H. from Arthur City, TX

Rated 5/5 stars February 16, 2018
Well, it is February and we just received our pool floats. Haven’t been able to use them yet but they look great and are exactly what we wanted. Hope to test them out in May!
By M. M. from Powhatan, VA

Rated 5/5 stars August 15, 2017
Exactly as pictured and described. Very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Can read a book while in chair with no worries of it getting wet! Love it!
By J. K. from Deltona, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 6, 2017
Good quality. Company sent brown lounge, blue was ordered.
By A. J. from Lynn, MA

Rated 5/5 stars July 5, 2017
Wonderful Float Chair ..will order another One!
By R. H. from Roswell, GA

Rated 5/5 stars June 30, 2017
Like be it it is comfy but noticed some cracking my on the arm and we've only used it 3 times so far so that m wondering what s it going to do?? Fast delivery!!
By L. L. from Hesperia, CA

Rated 5/5 stars June 26, 2017
Very comfortable chair, this is my 2nd one, the last one lasted 6 years in the weather and cost $150 more than this one did. Great price, great product, and fast shipping. Fast shipping
By M. G. from Port Allen, LA

Rated 5/5 stars June 14, 2017
Very comfortable and looks great! All of my friends want one! Easy order and quick shipment.
By P. E. from Memphis, TN

Rated 5/5 stars May 31, 2017
This is our third Floating Pool Lounge. We are very pleased with the product. They last at least 5 years before use and deterioration require replacement.
By L. B. from Bradenton, FL

Rated 5/5 stars October 11, 2016
Quality product
By W. W. from Pasadena, CA

Rated 5/5 stars September 14, 2016
I can't rate yet because I just received my order and I have been trying to reach customer service to ask questions about the pool lounge since the enclosed instructions state that the lounge could be stored under the bed My question is how much pressure can I put on the back rest to lay flat to be able to fit under bed??? Is this a bad start before we even use it. Please answer my question
By D. C. from South Gate, CA

Rated ⅖ stars June 17, 2016
This chair is well made but it is severely unstable making it difficult to sit and relax while floating-you have constantly balance especially considering the price
By G. H. from Aurora, IL

Rated 5/5 stars September 16, 2015
Love, Love,Love the lounger! Really appreciate the professional, courteous and prompt way CozyDays dealt with return and re-issue of damaged product! Thank You!
By R. P. from Pennington, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars August 24, 2015
Love it!
By T. S. from Lucas, TX

Rated ⅕ stars August 9, 2015
Do not buy. I purchased 2 at the end of May - seldom used because they are very unstable and tip easily. after 2 months both are broken with the arms breaking away from the base and cracks showing the foam inside.
By M. G. from Bedminster, NJ

Rated ⅕ stars July 31, 2015
DO not buy this. The cup holder is so shallow that you can not put anything in it without it tipping over. The area inside the cup holder looks like it was moldy. It is flimsy and not worth the money. Good luck getting your money back!
By L. G. from Yorba Linda, CA

Rated 5/5 stars July 28, 2015
We are very pleased with the adjustable pool floats we ordered. I could not be more pleased with the service provided by this company. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my family and/or friends.
By M. H. from Spokane, WA

Rated ⅕ stars July 28, 2015
What you need to know before buying this chair is that it doesn't hold up for the next season! I have bought several foam chairs by this same company but these new rip at the joints(for lack of better word). We take ours in every night and store covered in the winter. Also I ordered the bronze repair and it's not at all the same color as the chair. Definitely agree you can not sit up to read. Always excellent!!!
By D. A. from Livonia, MI

Rated ⅘ stars July 21, 2015
I enjoy the chair OK
By D. B. from Greenville, SC

Rated ⅘ stars July 9, 2015
Nice chair. It's difficult to sit upright as it wants to lean back but very comfy if just floating in the pool. Cup holders don't fit and fall out. Excellent service with order and shipping.
By D. D. from Holt, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 27, 2015
Good product fair price Fast friendly
By C. S. from Yukon, OK

Rated 5/5 stars June 27, 2015
Great product fair price Prompt
By C. S. from Yukon, OK

Rated ⅗ stars June 24, 2015
The chair itself is comfortable,however it is true you can't move around to much or it will tip over. It doesn't recline back as far as I hoped and my husband who is 6'0, 190 cannot sit in it comfortably at all. The plastic part of the cup holders fell out when I took chair out of the box and exposed part of the chair that was not covered by the blue material but was yellow foam. Bad workmanship there. I would not re buy this chair for the price they are charging. However since you can't return once it's been in water and how else are you supposed to test it out, I am stuck with it. My daughter loves it, so I'll look for different style for myself. Took longer to ship and arrive then expected. But not to horrible. About 2weeks.
By J. L. from West Palm, FL

Rated ⅖ stars June 18, 2015
The stability of the chair is not good. If you move much you will tip over. Needs more buoyant arms for better balance. Also, the cup holders are too shallow, so you can't have a tall drink otherwise it will fall out. Holders need to be deeper. I had mine only 1 week and already the bottom is nicked and showing white foam…. I wish I had not thrown out the box so soon otherwise I would have returned it.. I will say once you are situated in the chair it is very comfortable, but you're concerned about moving around cause you will fall out.
By K. S. from Orlando, FL

Rated ⅕ stars June 16, 2015
These chairs ARE MUCH smaller than pictured the model must be child sized! I am returning them ! bottom of chair BARELY went past our knees. We were very disappointed
By J. S. from Portage, MI

Rated 5/5 stars June 1, 2015
Great Excellent
By J. T. from El Paso, TX

Rated 5/5 stars February 1, 2015
The products are of good quality and look very nice. We can't wait until in warms up to use them. The service was as expected. The products were received as promised and with no damage.
By W. B. from Dunnellon, FL

Rated 5/5 stars January 19, 2015
Quality!!! Great product have used it before which is why I bought one
By J. T. from Willard, OH

Rated 5/5 stars September 24, 2014
Great lounge chair for lounging, reading, working crossword puzzles, etc. in the pool. Lighter weight than the older models. Super fast shipping.
By C. L. from Memphis, TN

Rated ⅘ stars September 3, 2014
I had a float like this years ago, except it didn't fold. I like the folding aspect, but I think that is what makes this float less balanced. Unable to lean back without is going too far back so that I can read. If you want just to float in a more reclined position, this works great. However, I want to sit up, so looking for something heavy to weight the end by feet to counterbalance.
By K. F. from Auburndale, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 29, 2014
was very satisfied and happy with the lounge chair. It looks nice not cheap. and is comfortable and I am sure it will last for years with my family.
By R. S. from Newton, NJ

Rated ⅘ stars July 19, 2014
I love this lounge chair! It is perfect for me. If I were to change anything, it would be the size of the cup holders. They are very shallow and pretty big in circumference. I have to use a large 'coolie" to keep a drink from falling out.
By B. E. from Cape Girardeau, MO

Rated 5/5 stars June 27, 2014
This purchase replaced a Baja lounge of several years ago. Enjoy it all summer.
By J. R. from O'fallon, IL

Rated 5/5 stars June 24, 2014
We purchase 2 of these pool lounges for our new home in Florida. WE LOVE THEM! They are relaxing, sturdy and well made. I first found them on Frontgate but found them to be much cheaper from this company. They are made by the same company.
By R. D. from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 22, 2014
Excellent product. Very comfortable and relaxing ! Folds nicely to store between uses. Easy to get on and off. My favorite pool lounger.
By B. J. from Lehighton, PA

Rated ⅕ stars June 4, 2014
Was Very unsteady in the water. Hard to get on. Service was good
By S. G. from Naples, FL

Rated ⅗ stars May 27, 2014
Looks very nice but quite unstable. Once I am on it I can't move otherwise it tips over easily. I like to read in the pool and I can do it comfortably on this float. Everything went well.
By D. C. from Pittsford, NY

Rated ⅕ stars May 9, 2014
Not very happy with the chair. It's impossible to sit up straight and read a book. Tips over to easily. To expensive for the disappointing product.
By K. A. from Lake Bluff, IL

Rated 5/5 stars January 4, 2014
Haven't tried it yet--too cold. I'm not sure this review sent the first time so I am writing again to commend Elizabeth, in Miami, who took my phone order. She could not have been more accommodating. She checked immediate availability and the shipping schedule. She even went so far as to phone ME when the arrival date was different from that posted on the FedEx site. I really appreciated her help. This is an example of EXCELLENT customer service.
By M. C. from Waterloo, IA

Rated 5/5 stars January 2, 2014
My wife was very pleased with the gift. It appears to be an excellent product. Products were shipped on time with no problems.
By D. O. from Audubon, IA

Rated 5/5 stars August 15, 2013
We have owned 3 of these floats and I decided I wanted to try the inflatable fabric kind of floating pool lounger. That was a mistake for I could not get on it and the cup holders were raised and no way to read a book with that we now know that we will only use the Folding Baja II. I will take good care of these and not leave them out all the time in the weather here in Florida. The service was excellent and I will order from Cozy Days next time I need any outdoor products!
By L. T. from University Park, FL

Rated ⅕ stars August 8, 2013
tuff to get into.a red stain appeared on spots after leaving it in a salt pool for 3 days.looks like a chemical reaction of some sort.chair is ok.would not buy another.
By F. E. from Beverly Hills, FL

Rated ⅖ stars August 7, 2013
I am not impressed with this product. It is not as strong as I thought it would be. The seat sinks into the water and the cup holders fill with water too :-( I bought this more expensive seat and I still have one in its original box as I was so disappointed in it. I do not recommend it Delivery and service was very good
By S. C. from Farhills, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars August 6, 2013
This is an excellent lounge for the pool! Comfortable is an understatement. Folding back is nice for storage and transport. Material is soft and yet tough. We have two flat floats of the same material that are like new after almost 10 years of use! Great service - reasonable price - excellent value. Arrived quickly and in good shape.
By A. M. from Carlisle, PA

Rated 5/5 stars August 2, 2013
Love product!! Great!!
By S. S. from Northport, AL

Rated ⅖ stars July 16, 2013
I love the chair but disappointed in the quality of the foam . The foam is starting to crack . It was a expensive chair . Not sure if I will get another year out of this product Took about 5 days to receive item
By J. M. from Bohemia, NY

Rated ⅗ stars July 15, 2013
Although this float is fine for anyone under 150 lbs, we bought this specifically for the men in our family as it looks and is described as being perfectly stable and "unsinkable." However, my 6'1" husband who is 200# can not use this float at all. It completely tips and sinks! Really disappointed in our choice; wish we had known.
By P. L. from Fort Worth, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 29, 2013
i love the pool lounge that i purchased. i bought it for my husband for his birthday/father's day and he is thrilled! delivery was quick! thanks - i look forward to buying online from you again!
By M. R. from Turnersville, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars June 24, 2013
Purchased the Baja II Floating Pool Lounge for my wife. Purchase process was smooth and was delivered in the time frame advertised. The lounge is of high quality and easily float my wife. She says it is comfortable and easy to get on and off. Will not hestitate to purchase another if the time comes again.
By R. A. from Holly Hill, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 22, 2013
Bought this for my husband for Fathers day. He said "this is the best fathers day gift I have ever received "! The most comfortable pool lounge ever!! Love it!! Fast shipping!
By B. D. from Louisville, OH

Rated 5/5 stars June 21, 2013
Excellent product, price and ease of ordering.
By R. K. from Kerhonkson, NY

Rated 5/5 stars May 16, 2013
I had 2 of these floating chairs when I was married, unfortunately I gave them both to my EX, but now that I have a pool again, I couldn't see not having one for myself, they are the Best chair made! Very comfortable, it reclines in several positions, I absolutely love it! there were no issues on the delivery of the chair, Great customer Service!
By L. B. from Huntington Beach, CA

Rated 5/5 stars January 10, 2013
Very happy with the product. Just as pictured Came when they said it would. No problems
By J. C. from Livonia, MI

Rated ⅗ stars July 28, 2012
The chair is by far the most comfortable when lying back. I am not crazy about it in the upright position and the stability is at the bottom of my list. I had another chair that had pvc frame. It was less comfortable because one of the frame pieces fit into the small of your back, but the chair was wider and wonderfully stable.
By C. B. from Turners Falls, MA

Rated ⅘ stars July 22, 2012
I am very happy with this float.
By L. H. from Lima, OH

Rated ⅕ stars July 20, 2012
I was greatly disappointed in this product. I bought this with the intention of reading while floating in the pool. When resting my back on the backrest, it reclines too much to read comfortably. I tried returning it and it would cost $78.00 to return it. I contacted the company and they would not send me a ticket to return it at a discounted price. Therefore, I would not recommend this product. I had the impression that I would receive my product in 3 days however it was over a week from my order to receiving the product.
By G. M. from Wilkes Barre, PA

Rated 5/5 stars July 7, 2012
I love the chair. One of the best floats that I have ever purchased. Unhappy with email service. I sent in a concern of the blue coating coming off the chair in the cup holders and have yet to receive a response.
By P. H. from Pasadena, MD

Rated ⅘ stars July 5, 2012
We bought 2 of these and really like them. The only downfall is they are pretty wobbly for bigger people. My husband is 6'2" and he has to sit pretty still so it doesn't tip. I would buy them again.
By D. W. from Jackson, WI

Rated ⅗ stars June 20, 2012
The lounge is shorter than it looks. It actually looks like the chair. It is not very wide either. I hope my husband can use. It looks small. The cup holders are very small too. I think it is overpriced
By C. K. from Haverhill, MA

Rated 5/5 stars June 5, 2012
Best price in the shipping! Item was exactly what I was looking for. I would shop here again
By L. S. from Fairport, NY

Rated ⅗ stars May 17, 2012
These floats look nice, but are very unstable. You have to focus on balancing and staying in the middle. If you lean to the side to reach for something, you will tip over.
By J. W. from Metairie, LA

Rated 5/5 stars September 20, 2011
I am very happy with my floating pool lounge. These chairs are very hard to find in the stores. Thank you Lesley Gramling
By L. G. from Cape Coral, FL

Rated 5/5 stars September 4, 2011
GREAT lounger! I am going to use my 10% coupon to buy another.
By J. H. from Apopka, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 18, 2011
We love our floating chairs. We have a wide brook behind our cottage. We tie the chairs to our boat and float for hours with drink in hand. Thanks You...
By G. C. from Nashua, NH

Rated ⅘ stars July 21, 2011
The chair is basically comfortable, but a little unstable. It is hard to find a glass that will fit into the glass holder and not tip over.
By D. C. from Destin, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 20, 2011
I was happy with the shipping. Faster delivery than others. The TRC float is not as large as the one I bought years ago because It is narrower so not as easily balanced and not as good for my husband who is tall. This one folds, the other did not. Quality of the product is good.
By E. L. from Salem, WI

Rated 5/5 stars July 13, 2011
We are very happy with the Floating Pool Lounge. It is big enough for anyone to use, comfortable, and easy to stow away.
By D. W. from Edmond, OK

Rated 5/5 stars July 4, 2011
Bought for wife she is very happy with the chair all is needed more time to use it . This our second one.
By C. W. from Point Pleasant, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars July 4, 2011
Received promptly and in good order. Thank you
By D. L. from Boynton Beach, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 1, 2011
Love my Baja Floating Pool Lounge, I bought 2 this time and had completely worn out the old one.
By M. L. from Denton, TX

Rated 5/5 stars June 10, 2011
The Baja II is worth every penny! It doesn't lie flat but it is the perfect size for me! It reclines at the perfect angle for sunning in the pool and is relatively easy to get in and out of. Free / fast shipping and no sales tax for me what and easy choice, thank CozyDays you will have business from me again!
By A. B. from Owensboro, KY

Rated ⅘ stars May 23, 2011
The Folding Baja II Floating Pool Lounge is nice for smaller people. We had friends visit who were considerably taller and heavier than us and the chair was more difficult for them to keep balanced. The removable sleeves in the drink holders are convenient and overall it is a good addition to our selection of pool chairs/floats.
By J. W. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Rated ⅖ stars May 16, 2011
I am very disappointed with this float. Although it is fairly easy to get into. It is NOT stable at all. If you try to shift your body to get a little more comfortable it flips over. It does not recline easy and has no way to hang it up after it is out of the pool. However the purchase picture shows a tab on the back with a whole so it can be hung. Niether of mine have this. They are way overpriced for their instability.
By S. B. from Apopka, FL

Rated ⅗ stars May 11, 2011
Not a good chair. It shows the lady leaning back but the chair was more like an upright position. My husband sat in the chair, 180 pounds, and the whole thing sunk in towards the center. We sent the chair back. Thanks for understanding Cozy Days and the great customer service you provided. Thanks for not sticking us with this uncomfortable, too small of a chair.
By D. H. from Richland, WA

Rated 5/5 stars October 20, 2010
The Folding Baja Floating Pool Lounge is terrific. It was just the thing we wanted to enjoy our pool and catch a few sun rays. The lounger is sturdy and colorful. It is perfect for our application.
By P. H. from The Villages, FL

Rated 5/5 stars September 24, 2010
This is the second folding lounge that we have purchased. They get used almost daily and are great!! Very well build and worth the money!
By R. S. from Conway, SC

Rated 5/5 stars August 28, 2010
Prompt delivery. Great product.
By K. B. from Richmond, VA

Rated ⅘ stars August 25, 2010
Very pleased with this chair, better than the chair we had for years. Will see how the folding aspect helps when it comes time for winter storage. will probably purchase another lounge next year as we tend to fight over who gets to sit up and read in the chair vs. laying on the mat!!
By R. G. from Kansas City, MO

Rated 5/5 stars August 25, 2010
Bought these Baja II floating pool lounges to replace two of a previous model we owned. They are very comfortable, and we love them!! Also, the kids can "roughhouse" with them in the pool, and they stand up to it. Having had the previous model, we see that some improvements have been made - a raised headrest, the texture, etc. One caveat, when taken out of the pool, you must allow them to dry over a chair or storage rack. Otherwise, the coating will peel off if it comes in contact with hot surface for long period, or if scraped on the deck. They do sell repair kits! All in all, a great purchase, and we get lots of use!! Would definitely buy them again from Cozy Days!! (best price I found online).
By L. M. from Redding, CA

Rated 5/5 stars August 19, 2010
This floating lounge works great. I live on lakefront property and sometimes it's fun to just float around the dock rather than taking the boat out.
By M. R. from West Union, SC

Rated ⅘ stars August 17, 2010
The chair is great, however, when removing the cupholders, the plastic underneath is all ripped!! You can't see it with the cupholders in place, but still not good for a brand new delivered chair!!!
By A. R. from Palm Desert, CA

Rated 5/5 stars August 4, 2010
Well, I just love my Baja Floating Pool Lounge. I'm sort of a workaholic, but my new floating lounge calls to me. It's my reward for mowing the lawn or cutting some brush. The product is just about all I could ask for -- it's very comfortable and stable in the water. The only downside is that my plastic glasses don't fit in the cup holders (I think they were probably made for canned drinks.)
By C. H. from Wiscasset, ME

Rated 5/5 stars July 31, 2010
Quick delivery, quality items that you cant find elsewhere. Extremely competitive prices.
By S. M. from West Simsbury, CT

Rated 5/5 stars July 31, 2010
Excellent products, quick delivery..they have all you would ever want
By S. M. from West Simsbury, CT

Rated 5/5 stars July 28, 2010
Very pleased with the quick order fulfillment and the quality of the product.
By M. E. from Fayetteville, AR

Rated 5/5 stars July 21, 2010
I bought this float for my husband. He loves it and tends to fall asleep on it. Very comfortable and soft. It is hard to get on in the water. We take it to the steps of the pool or the side of the pool. Everything is covered with soft foam so there are no hard edges.
By S. C. from St. Charles, MO

Rated 5/5 stars July 19, 2010
Chair has been great in the pool :) Arrived quickly and is seeing lots of pool time already.
By D. T. from Southlake, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 17, 2010
fast shipping and good price.
By M. W. from Buffalo Grove, IL

Rated 5/5 stars July 13, 2010
Love my chair. I ordered one just like it last year and since it is constantly fought over, I ordered another one this year.
By L. S. from Cincinnati, OH

Rated 5/5 stars June 4, 2010
My experience with Cozy Days was a good one. I received exactly what I ordered within a few days of placing the order. The only issue I had was that the order never showed as shipping when I checked your customer service page, but it showed up at my home within 5 days.
By J. K. from Leawood, KS

Rated 5/5 stars May 30, 2010
Love out Baja II Floating Pool so much I bought another one for myself. I had purchased the first as a gift for my wife but after using it, obviously need one for myself. Most comfortable pool lounge we have ever had. It's much like being in a gravity free chair. Can also comfotably lay on your stomach as well. WELL worth the money!
By B. M. from Mt Pleasant, SC

Rated 5/5 stars May 8, 2010
Everything was great, the lounger came on time and it works good. The only thing that could make it better was if it had two positions for the back. Bob Richards
By R. R. from Cape Coral, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 16, 2009
I absolutely love,love,love this pool lounge. Its so comfortable and so very well made. Great customer service with Cozy Days and very fast shipping too.
By M. L. from Greenlawn, NY

Rated 5/5 stars June 29, 2009
The chairs looked great, but when we got on them, they went back too far. I tried to keep them more upright by folding them forward, but it was still very reclined. I do love the color, but I was hoping for more of a comfortable chair, not a bed.
By K. C. from San Antonio, TX

Rated 5/5 stars March 30, 2009
Good service. Prompt delivery. Thank you.
By M. T. from Port Huron, MI

Rated 5/5 stars July 18, 2008
Good quality construction, but when you lean back in chair the back goes too far down. Instead of a chair, you practically have a float. And it's to expensive for a float.
By R. N. from Southington, CT

Rated ⅕ stars July 14, 2008
I was not satisfied with this merchandise; top did not stay up when opened; it went down too low when opened. I prefer to be sitting rather than reclining. The one I own now does not open so low. I returned this item and asked for Baja's higher end version which allows you to pick what position you want to be in. I have not yet heard from you regarding this exchange.
By D. D. from Brooklyn, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 9, 2008
Great pool float! Well worth the money!
By T. F. from Dallas, TX

Rated ⅗ stars July 8, 2008
my old baja floats from about 5 years ago are longer and more comfortable as a tall person. is it possible to contact the company to see if any of the longer ones are still available? thanks.
By B. L. from Livingston, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2008
This product is wonderful!!!We have owned 3 other Baja Lounges and they lasted for about 10 years! They are definitely still useable but my daughters wanted 2 new ones for their Dad for Father's Day! My husband,their father was thrilled with their selection of gifts for him. I totally appreciated the free shipping and no sales tax. Although the lounges are alot of money, they are durable,comfortable, and beautiful to look at. If these great incentives continue (no tax & free shipping). I promised my husband to buy a new lounge every year for him. Continue to make this fantastic pool item and any further discounts will be truly appreciated from this loyal customer who has spread the word over time and hooked many of our friends to Cozy Days! Keep up the great work!!!
By W. S. from Woodbury, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 7, 2008
This pool lounge is excellent. Great folding feature for better storage. Very comfortable.
By L. L. from Pittston Township, PA

Rated ⅕ stars July 7, 2008
Returned chair, very small not big enough for a large adult. Easily tips over.
By L. S. from Douglas, GA

Rated 5/5 stars July 1, 2008
The product was excellent quality and was delivered in a timely manner
By M. J. from Los Angeles, CA

Rated 5/5 stars June 24, 2008
Item was just as decribed. Shipping was prompt and the customer service was very helpful. Would highly recommend them.
By J. H. from Temple, TX

Rated ⅘ stars June 9, 2008
Great lounge. Very comfortable but leans back too far. I was hoping to be able to sit up and read but can't do with this item.
By C. B. from Concord, CA

Rated 5/5 stars June 8, 2008
great price and received in a reasonable time.
By M. D. from Aiken, SC

Rated 5/5 stars June 8, 2008
Nice looking, but very unstable. Easy to tip over. Cannot get into a sitting position so always lying back Too short..
By J. F. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 3, 2008
I bought my chair for our swimming pool in our house in florida, havn't taken it down there yet, we are going the last of June, Im sure I will love it, as I have a large flat float made out of the same material, that I just love, thats why I bought the chair, they are comfortable, all one piece, don't have to blow up anything, and they don't get hot!
By J. S. from Carrollton, GA

Rated 5/5 stars May 23, 2008
I do not usually write revies like this. But I must take the time to say three things: This is a wonderful, comfortable and beautiful product that we just love. The price was much less than I have seen for lesser products. Every part of the purchase was great, the web site worked, the order was processed in a timely manner and the order arrived on time. Great work is being done by tis retailer. Thanks, Johnny
By J. M. from Venice, FL

Rated 5/5 stars May 19, 2008
Came in perfect condition, exactly as ordered.
By J. A. from Fountain Hills, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars January 9, 2008
Great product, shipped on time, no problems...only wish it were "a little bit" longer
By P. M. from Venice, FL

Rated 5/5 stars January 9, 2008
The package came quickly, in good condition and was exactly what was expected! It was a Christmas present and it was a huge hit. Obviously here in PA we haven't used it yet but I have no concerns about how great it's going to be.
By J. Z. from Newtown Square, PA

Rated 5/5 stars June 4, 2007
Nice lounge. Much better quality than I imagined.
By H. J. from Palm Desert, CA

Rated 5/5 stars April 7, 2007
This lounge so comfortable I can't describe. Thanks for helping us choose this lounge. Our pool is much more fun with this lounge. Thank you.
By F. Z. from Cleveland, OH

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