Post or Kettle type Grill Cover PC1094
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Rated ⅗ stars March 24, 2018
I love this cover for the strength it has, BUT it does NOT cover my grill as shown in the picture! I have a very basic small grill with 2 wooden side shelves, as it shows in the picture. But this cover I ordered does NOT fit the grill except for one of the shelves and the grill portion itself. It does not hang down to the bottom like in the picture or cover the 2nd shelf, and can't because it is too small. Even if it did fit the entire grill, it isn't long enough to hang down to the wheels as shown in the picture! I feel like I have been deceived in ordering this and need a larger one. The picture on the web page is totally deceiving. I should sent it back, but don't want to pay over $50 for one that will fit like in the picture, plus I would have to pay postage to send it back. So, I am just out $19.95 for a cover that doesn't fit like the picture shows!! Makes me so mad that the picture is deceiving. I have 2 chair covers that I ordered years ago that fit nicely and actually fit the chairs like they should, so that is why I thought this picture was true to form and ordered it!!
By B. G. from Raymore, MO

Rated 5/5 stars August 5, 2009
This cover is what the original kettle manufacture should have provided. It is very durable, does not breakdown due to weather, is truly waterproof and the inside is felt-like so there is not abrasion when I put the cover on and take it off.
After my foster dog destroyed my first one, there was no question which cover I would get to replace it.

By C. W. from Stamford, CT