Duck Covers Patio Chair Cover - 24"W × 27"D × 36"H MCH242736

Duck Covers Patio Chair Cover - 24"W × 27"D × 36"H

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Fits Patio Chairs up to 22L × 27D × 36"H. Duck Covers use an innovative inflation design that helps furniture stay clean and looking as good as new. Combined with Duck Covers' secure tie down's, it' the most reliable way ever to protect and maximize the life of your patio furniture. New age triple-layered synthetic material. 100% waterproof, breathable, UV treated and lightweight. Competitive covers are made from Vinyl (PVC) or Polyester materials. Materials that is HIGHLY susceptible to cracking, fading and do not breath. If you've owned other patio cover you know this. Lab tested to endure temperatures from 265°F to -100°F. Two-year guarantee has you covered. Color: Cappuccino.

Every Duck Cover order includes one Duck Covers Rechargeable air pump. Limit one air pump per order.

What is a Duck Dome Air Bag? Patent pending feature found only in Duck Covers. Durable heavy duty air bag that inflates into low points of outdoor furniture creating an elevated, dome-shaped source under the cover to repel water, snow and debris - much like water off a duck's back.

How does a Duck Dome help prevent mold and mildew? Contact between a patio cover and furniture also increases the formation of mold and mildew on your furniture. Duck Dome + Breathable Material = No Issues!

How do I inflate the Duck Dome feature in a Duck Cover? The Duck Dome airbag feature inflates and deflates in less than 90 seconds with the handheld Duck Covers rechargeable inflator. Duck Covers rechargeable inflator is SOLD SEPARATELY.

Easy Installation: Secure the Duck Dome to your furniture using the tie down ropes and inflate. Place the cover over it and secure the attached reinforced nylon cover tie-down straps. YOU ARE PROTECTED!

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