Export to Caribbean Islands

For all those having hard time finding quality patio furniture and outdoor living products in the Caribbean: We are here to help!

We have many customers in the Caribbean Islands from hotels, to restaurants to residential properties. Unlike shipping in the mainland USA shipping to the Caribbean is different. Because there maybe export/import procedures involved, we advise most of our customers to arrange with Freight Forwarders so that their merchandise can be delivered in the islands with no problems. Most freight forwarders to the Caribbean have their main operation in Miami. Outdoor patio furniture and almost all other outdoor living products can be shipped to the Caribbean Islands.

For Caribbean Shipments we drop your order to the freight forwarder of your choice.

Thru freight forwarders in Miami, FL, we ship to all the Caribbean Islands below.

For more information please call 1-305-882-8930 or 1-888-256-7044

Nassau, Bahamas