Airhead ST-150 Trainer Water Skis AHST-150 Reviews

Airhead ST-150 Trainer Water Skis AHST-150

Airhead ST-150 Trainer Water Skis
Product ID: 003012

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January 13, 20141/5stars 1.0

Water skis are perfect, exactly what I order
Terrible. Order product before holidays and delivered before holidays. Product did not come before when arranged and spoke to someone on phone and was advised that the product was back order and will be deliver on 12/15, Waited and no product arrived on 15th, I called and was advised that it will be delivered by 12/22. I arrange to leave with product to New Jersey on 12/20 for Christmas, so I left without the product. I then had to make arrangements with my cousin, who lives near me, to watch for the deliver on 12/22 because I was no there and would be gone for 3 weeks. So, I feel your company has a
very poor communication system with their customer and needs to improve. Sorry, to say I will not purchase anymore products from your company. Mr Cantalupo
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