Splash Pool Inflatable Water Slide PM86231 Reviews

Splash Pool Inflatable Water Slide PM86231

Splash Pool Inflatable Water Slide
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SKU: PM86231

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August 24, 20095/5stars 5.0

So we bought this slide for our 4 year old son who is an adventurist. He can swim on his own and loves any kind of slide. The slide appears to be made well, however after inflating the slide, my son went on it and did not slide AT ALL. He had long shorts on so it had nothing to do with his legs sticking. He is only 40 pounds. After 5 days of trying to figure it out, we realized that the slope or the incline of the slide is not high enough. We put some sand bags under the top of the slide when they enter from and its much better now. I just wished someone would have told me this.
July 20, 20095/5stars 5.0

What a great slide!!! We had a huge birthday party for my son who was turning 8 and all of the kids loved this more than the huge stand alone inflatable that we had put out. LOVE this slide.
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