Booster Ball Towable Tube

Booster Ball Towable Tube SP53-2030
  • Booster Ball Towable Tube SP53-2030

Product Description

We have developed the 4K Booster Ball, an inflatable buoy with tow rope connected to both ends, as a way of keeping the tow rope out of the water the majority of the time while towing. This enhances the overall performance of most towables & all our new DOABLES. The Booster is a hybrid towing system for more effortless towing of inflatable Doable/towables.

  • Product ID: 003944
  • SKU: SP53-2030
  • Brand: Sports Stuff
  • Size: 38 inch x 27 inch. (ball deflated)
  • 60ft (including ball)
  • 1-4 Rider Towables
  • Reduces drag and acts like shock absorber, enhancing fuel economy
  • Less stress on tube and cover
  • Great for low transom tow points
  • Reduces rope spray
  • Higher visibility of tow rope in the water
  • Tow rope is less likely to get caught in water or boat wake, especially in turns

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