Pocket Island with Palm Trees PM83659 Reviews

Pocket Island with Palm Trees PM83659

Pocket Island with Palm Trees
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August 1, 20085/5stars 5.0

The inflatable is comfortable and easy to inflate. The only issue was that the pillow top kept slipping out of it's hooks where it connects with the actual float. The beverage holder that goes in the middle section kept popping out while in the water, but having the middle section open was actually more comfortable. I suggest another way of connecting the pillow top onto the float to keep it from coming off. Each time someone would lean back on the pillow top the middle hook would pop out causing the other two hooks at the ends to pop out as well. Finally the float was used without the pillow top. But overall, it was a nice inflatable and yes I would recommend your site to others when shopping for pool inflatables.
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