Cushions - Riviera

Based on the inspirations from decades of experience in masterful design and manufacturing, the Paris-born furniture line Riviera by Triconfort has become world famous for its highly stylish look and quality comfort. We have a wide selection of Riviera cushions that will help you put the finishing touch on your furniture. If you are already a lover of this beautiful collection, having access to high-quality cushions will enable you to make quick changes and replacements for your set, keeping it in top condition and providing a new level of comfort and style in seconds. There are many advantages to using these quality cushions for your patio furniture, and we are certain that it will be an easy decision for you!

All Riviera cushions are designed specifically for outdoor use. This means that they are highly resistant to weather and heavy traffic, so they will last for years and continue to provide quality comfort every day. They are also fade resistant, retaining their color longer than other options so that you continue to have a beautiful, stylish look for your patio furniture. This high level of durability will help guarantee you always have cushions you can rely on to look and feel amazing.

This collection of options is also designed to be extremely soft and durable. They are constructed from Sunbrella fabric and are designed for harsh outdoor resistance. Sunbrella offers beautiful fabrics that blend the border between indoor and outdoor furniture. With their UV resistance, the fabric will keep it's bright, bold colors after many uses.

Triconfort is known for their long lasting durability and high level of comfort and style with each and every collection. When you decide to fill your patio with these quality options, you are participating in a long-standing tradition of excellence. Pair our Riviera cushions with your furniture and get a classy style that will look and feel amazing. With our selection of options, you can find a cushion to fit any furniture item you have, from armchairs to chaise lounges to two-seaters. Choose from various colors to match your style and get a decor you can be proud of every day!

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