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Outdoor dining doesn't have to require costly bills in a fancy restaurant. You can create your own dining experience in your patio, balcony or terrace. Just assess the number of guests you want to serve and we will have a dining set that will accommodate. Our patio dining sets are made by the most reputable outdoor furniture companies. All patio dining chairs and tables are specifically manufactured for outdoor use in commercial settings. Residential use of our patio dining sets provide years of durability mostly because most our chairs and tables are made for heavy use settings. Furniture items provide 100% resistance to all weather conditions. Chairs and tables are resistant to rain, snow, sun, salt water, chlorine, rust and sun-tanning oils. Outdoor dining sets feature aluminum, teak, shorea wood, wicker, cast aluminum, recycled plastic and resin materials. Designs include luxury, modern, classic, traditional styles. The best designs and the best materials come together in our collection of patio dining sets to provide durability and comfort.

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Buying patio furniture isn't easy. You have lots of options for designs, materials, colors and lots of price ranges. We know that. That's why we have put together a great collection of patio dining sets in which can sort by price, savings, style and material. Below are some insights into how you can use these sort features for your advantage. Also we have a new patio dining sets buying guide which provides more information on choosing a patio set. Please check out our patio guides section so you make a more educated guess in which you can compare each material type side by side.

Price: Our sort by low price or high price enables you to look in the range of your budget. By doing this you can also see patio dining sets that are under or over your budget which will give you an idea what you are missing or what you are choosing.

Savings: If you are a bargain hunter you'll like our sort by savings feature. This basically lists dining sets with the most savings. Some manufacturers lower their prices during the season and we provide discounts up to 60%. Sort by biggest savings feature enables you to spot the best bargains for patio dining sets.

Style: We have a dining set for each style. Our shop by style section has more than 14 styles and design types such as modern, classic, eco friendly, luxury, traditional and European. You know your patio better than anyone else. So it's your taste that matters the most. Browse thru the style you are interested in to choose the best dining set for your patio.

Material: Outdoor patio furniture requires the best materials because outdoor conditions can be unforgiving. If you choose inferior materials not designed for outdoor use you will see your furniture damage in no time. We work with the best manufacturers that offer the best raw materials for all the furniture collections. In our patio guides section we provide in-depth information on each material specifically for patio dining sets. Some of those materials are teak, aluminum, resin, recycled plastic and wicker. We recommend you read our guides section before you make your purchase. Read on to see the list of patio dining sets based on material.

Plastic: These are outdoor dining sets made with recycled plastic made from milk jugs. Heavy and durable. Requires assembly.

Aluminum: Made with bent aluminum piping. Prices range from affordable to high-end. Light and rust-free.

Outdoor Wicker: Synthetic wicker is also called outdoor wicker or all-weather wicker. Very elegant looks. Aluminum frames make it rust-free. Wicker doesn't rot.

Cast Aluminum: Made with cast aluminum. Mid range pricing. Look of wrought iron without the weight. Rust free. Very durable.

Teak Wood: Teak or shorea wood are the best woods for outdoor use. Prices vary. Wood requires periodic maintenance.

Wrought Iron: Iron has been used for centuries for furniture making. Wrought iron is heavy. Occasional rust.

Resin: Resin is a virgin plastic material. Affordable pricing. Extremely durable. Light and functional designs.

Stainless Steel: Made with bent steel piping. Mid range pricing. Heavier than aluminum.

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