Dalanki Outdoor Coffee Table M.42.082 Reviews

Dalanki Outdoor Coffee Table M.42.082

Dalanki Outdoor Coffee Table
Product ID: 000050
SKU: M.42.082
Brand: Evolutif

Rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
5 reviews

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January 26, 20175/5stars 5.0

Very sturdy table which looks like it will withstand Florida sun and beach weather. Legs need to be assembled and it takes a beating to do it. But it shows how strong this table is. I would highly recommend it. I wish they made them in other colors.
I received it in two days time.
October 17, 20142/5stars 2.0

The table is attractive but too low, 14 inches high compared to other coffee tables at 18 inches high.
It was impossible to hammer the four legs into the slots to go all the way in. There's a 1/2 inch space in between, but I decided to keep the table anyway because it was only for my gazebo. Also, the price is way TOO HIGH, $125.00 for a plastic table with legs that can't be properly put in.
August 4, 20115/5stars 5.0

Directions on assembly would have been helpful. I wasn't able to completely hammer in the legs, so there is a one inch gap between the legs and the table that does not look very good. I'm afraid to hammer the legs in too for fear of breaking or splitting the plastic.
I like the table design and it matches the Alibert furniture that I purchased years ago which we have been very happy with.
August 22, 20105/5stars 5.0

Excellent website, products and service. I made two separate orders this summer and found exactly what I wanted. It was simple to order online, and the products were delivered quickly. Thank you Cozy Days. I will highly recommend this company to my friends.
April 24, 20084/5stars 4.0

The legs are too short. We wanted the table so we could sit in our comfy chairs to eat our dinner on the side of the house where the sun sets. The table is too low, I was hoping for something a little higher. Somehow we will manage. It has not been warm enough yet to stay outdoors in the evening. I look forward to many years of use.
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