Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow

Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow SS85105
Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow SS85105Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow SS85105
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Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow

Super soft weighted spa and bath pillow. Made of closed cell, vinyl coated foam. Weighted end secure the pillow on the wall. The Super Soft spa and bath pillow features a soft, cushioned inside providing the ultimate in head and neck comfort. Features a contoured form that highlights a sleek one-piece design. Spa pillows feature a weighted end for various custom applications. Available in: White, Black, Aquamarine, Gray and Bronze.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Nov 26, 2016,
Great super soft spa pillow

4/5starsOn Jan 28, 2016,
Solid, water proof, a bit firmer than one would expect. The weighted backing is not really worth much to hold it in place. It really should be designed with much much more weight to truly hold the pillow in place.

4/5starsOn Jan 12, 2016,
Love the color and the feel of the spa pillow. Works perfect, stays in place. Just think it a bit pricy for what it is.

5/5starsOn Nov 25, 2015,
The Spa Pillow I ordered works great. I love it!. I received my order in two days. I was very happy that it came that fast. CozyDays is a great company.

1/5starsOn Sep 29, 2015,
I was so optimistic I purchased 4 pillows. The size of the pillow was too small and looked Lilliput in my normal sized spa. I have an aqua tiled pool & spa and the color of the p0illow was plain ugly with the tile. The vinyl looked incredibly cheap. I placed one pillow over the spa to see if the weighed claim was accurate. The strap was too flimsy to hold the pillow in place. All things considered I returned all pillows the next day. I returned your product a day after I received it. To date I have not received a credit for my return. Would appreciate someone looking into this and inform me. My return number was #204203.

Available Color Options
  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Marina Blue
    Marina Blue
  • White
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