Wet Bells Pool Exercise Weights

Wet Bells Pool Exercise Weights SS89000
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Wet Bells Pool Exercise Weights

Wet bells pool exercise weights from TRC. Enhances your water workout by providing resistance in the water for a variety of water fitness workouts. Super Soft Wet Bells™ are light-weight, easy to grasp, durable and can be used by men and women of all ages. Wet Bells™ are designed for use in water to strengthen and improve aerobic exercising, rehabilitation, physical therapy and weight loss programs. Available in Blue and sold in pairs.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Aug 18, 2013,
My friend in aerobic swim class had a pair of these, and I just knew I had to order them too! They are wonderful. My Wet Bells arrived in just a few days.

5/5starsOn Aug 12, 2013,
These are wonderful. They are great for people with arthritis, due to the large foam handle. They provide an excellent amount of resistence in the water. A great product !!!

5/5starsOn Jul 19, 2008,
these are a cut water noodle and some beer can coolers on each end. not exactly what i was expecting!

Wet Bells Pool Exercise Weights is currently NOT available.