Kool Pool Float

Kool Pool Float SS80220
Kool Pool Float SS80220Kool Pool Float SS80220Kool Pool Float SS80220Kool Pool Float SS80220Kool Pool Float SS80220
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Kool Pool Float

Unsinkable foam Kool Float is a vinyl coated closed cell foam float. Luxury swimming pool float features half circle head rest. Permanently buoyant, very soft and very comfortable. Includes Kool Kan floating cup holder. Unsinkable pool float is made of soft and easy to clean vinyl coated 1.75" thick closed cell foam. Kool pool floats available in white, yellow, blue, coral, kool lime green. Dimensions: 70"L x 26"W x 1.75" T. Made in USA.

Sales person says: Unsinkable Kool Pool Float is a favorite. It offers medium thickness. Box includes a complimentary floating cup holder. **All vinyl dipped pool floats have minor imperfections due to the manual vinyl dipping process and cooling. These imperfections do not hurt the buoyancy of the float because the foam is Closed Cell and won't absorb water. All vinyl pool floats are made by hand in the USA. **


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Feb 16, 2015,
Great float! Replacing one purchased a few years ago. They last a long time if you take care of them, and are very comfortable and supportive. I use this float when the water is still a little cool, because it is thick enough to keep me up out of the water more. When the water is warmer, and it's really hot outside, I use a thinner one to sink down in the water more. But my husband uses this one all the time. Again, great float, I always keep at least 2 of these on hand. oh my gosh, super fast shipping! great service!!

5/5starsOn Dec 26, 2014,
Very nice float at a very good price. I plan on ordering another one. I Placed my order and the float arrived just as promised.

4/5starsOn Sep 25, 2014,
Love, love, love this float. It's comfortable and allows just a little water in to keep you cool on very hot days. I lounge on it for hours! Bought it for my sister's pool because she had another one like it in a different color. The only negative thing I would say about it, is that it does tear apart after alot of use, but that doesn't interfere with how well it floats and keeps you up. She's had the first one about 4 years now.

5/5starsOn Aug 2, 2014,
This floatie is sleek and super buoyant. Head rest is comfy. Great packaging ! Rolled up in plastic wrap in box. Floatie unrolled and flattened out shortly after going into pool.

5/5starsOn Jul 24, 2014,
The product is great. It looks like it will last for years. Delivery was quick and it was very well packaged.

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  • Kool Lime Green
    Kool Lime Green
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