Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float

Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float FL325
Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float FL325Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float FL325
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Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float

Kai infinity pool lounge is a unique canvas pool float that provides full support for your back, head and legs while allowing your body to float in the water. Made with fade-proof, stain-resistant, mold-mildew resistant, worry-free Sunbrella® marine grade fabric. Filled with buoyant foam beads. Suitable for lake, ocean or pool. Easily portable. Size: 70" x 28". Made in USA.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Aug 12, 2017,
this is highest quality pool float I have purchased and much more comfortable than the solid rubber type and much more durable than blow up mattress. top quality sunbrella fabric very sun and weather resistant. Worth the cost for comfort and durability.

5/5starsOn Oct 14, 2013,
The float was a gift we purchased. Our friends loved the quality and design of the product. We were not impressed with the service. we were told at purchase that we would receive the float in 7-10 days. After 2 weeks I called to inquire as to when we would receive it. All I was able to do was leave a message. no one returned my call. The following week my wife did the same thing and no one returned her call. The following day she stayed on the phone until someone answered. we then found out that the color we chose was out of stock. there was only one color available (toast).We accepted the alternative color. I don't know why someone didn't contact us and let us know about the issue. My wife requested that they ship it in 2 days. They did do that and we finally received it. We ordered it on 09/12 and received it 10/04

5/5starsOn Sep 4, 2013,
We fell in love with these floats when we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in the Cayman Islands! They are so comfy and conform to your body. They dry out fast and are just perfect. My 6' tall husband has no problem with the length. We each have our own so we don't have to fight over just one!!!!

5/5starsOn Aug 11, 2013,
We LOVE these floats! We first experienced these floats at the Grand Cayman Ritz Carlton. There must've been 50 of these floating in their pool- everyone enjoying these floating luxuries. They were marvelous- cradling your body pefectly. We came home and ordered them right away. They're very buoyant (up to their weight limit, I imagine). The foam pellets within the pillow caress your head allowing for tremendous comfort. Take note of the length of the raft. My husband is 6'2" and he loves this raft. Keep in mind, if you're tall, you do not lie end-to-end exactly- your head is set a few inches from the top centered on the pillow. So, if you're tall, your feet might hang off a smidge but it's not a reason to go running to the bigger size, yet. If you're 6'2", your feet might float atop the water a little, but your calves are supported. It's not like your feet are going to drop to the bottom of the pool- they float comfortably with the rest of you. It is still very comfortable for a person this height. There's always the next size up if you still want more length. We originally sought out this type of raft. We like how the canvas covering protects the foam pellets. We knew we didn't want the other type of raft, a solid foam raft, because of the gauge marks left by nails. These floats are easily dried. The strap from which you can hang them from a vertical float rack is extremely heavy-duty. We have chosen to hang two at a time horizontally from fence wall racks. All in all, these floats are AWESOME!

5/5starsOn Jun 12, 2013,
I really love these floats, they are extremely comfortable and dry out so quickly after use.

Available Color Options
  • Aquamarine 23
    Aquamarine 23
  • Logo Red 66
    Logo Red 66
  • Pacific Blue 01
    Pacific Blue 01
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