Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart SUFWT300 Reviews

Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart SUFWT300

Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart
Product ID: 001116

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October 21, 20091/5stars 1.0

I bought the Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart because it has a large capacity. I needed it to reel up a long hose. That cart does not have a gear driven level winder and it is not obvious from the picture. It is very difficult for one person to operate as it requires a second person to run the level winder. It is of no value to me. I can't use it by myself. I tried to use it, but it kept unwinding and making loops while I was trying to wind it up. I would not recommend anyone buy it. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 1.
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