Elevated Copper Fire Pit 30" U91000 Reviews

Elevated Copper Fire Pit 30" U91000

Elevated Copper Fire Pit 30"
Product ID: 000530
SKU: U91000

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February 24, 20125/5stars 5.0

My family and I enjoy this firepit alot. Even during the winter days, we gather around the fire pit and enjoy eachother's company. I was not sure if I should go with one this or one with a screen. My kids are old enough, so I chose this one. Very easy to setup and maintain.
January 9, 20082/5stars 2.0

The fire pit was exactly the size and height I was looking for, but I was very disappointed with the copper bowl. I expected something far more substantial and it's actually very lightweight and thin and blows off the stand when it's windy, so I have to keep it off the stand when not in use. Also, the wire rack provided to hold the charcoal (wood in my case) is too small. It sits almost flush with the bottom of the copper bowl and allows no circulation of air (hence no airflow to boost a fie), so I had to purchase a large round grill rack that would ordinarily go on a Weber grill.
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