Miami Boat Show 2012 Luxury Motor Yachts Arriving

Miami Boat Show 2012 Boats Arrival
Miami Boat Show 2012 Boats Arrival

It’s almost that time of the year. Miami Boat Show is starting this week. I had the joy of watching the luxury boats arrive  into their show spaces. From my balcony I can see the canal next to Collins avenue between 41st and 55th street. Boat show settles between 41st and roughly 50th streets. The preparation is unbelievable. Large floating constructions and guest areas are built literally within days to accommodate visitors.  Luxury yachts that are priced 1 million dollars and up line up along Collins Avenue.

Show starts on Thursday and the traffic on Collins will be jammed. We will start taking Pine Tree Drive from 63rd street bridge. Since the boats are coming through the canal the 63rd street bridge keeps opening jamming traffic until Thursday. So for us locals it’s a two weeks of heavy traffic. But it’s worth it to host such a big boat show. Who doesn’t like a luxury yacht? They are sexy and attractive. Since 2002 almost every boat show we have customers purchasing furniture for their boats. The most popular boat chairs we have sold so far are the Tangor chair, Riviera chair and Normandy chairs. Tangor chair is a folding mutiposition chair made by Evolutif in France. The chair is strong and very resistant to salt water. It’s pricing is reasonable. Normandy chairs are discontinued a few years back.  Normandy was a premium teak furniture line made by World famous Triconfort. Normandy was a very smoothly crafted high-back teak chair with multi positions. The most elegant of all the boat chairs we carry is Riviera collection from Triconfort. This is a lacquered resin collection with extreme resistance. Riviera multi-position chairs are folding which boaters like. They are heavy and durable. The glossy white finish makes them very elegant. Nautical cushions with alternate color buttons complete the Riviera line. Triconfort also make an aluminum collection called Rivage. The multi-position chairs are also preferred by boaters. This is an aluminum sling collection with triple coated aluminum frames.

Let’s see if we will have any customers prior to the Boat Show. Either way I will be visiting the show and walking Collins Avenue a few times this week. I will write more about any exciting boats or furniture.

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