Portable Outdoor Shower w/ Foot Washer OL30-1F
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Rated 5/5 stars September 12, 2021
Love it!!
By C. C. from Virginia Beach, VA

Rated 5/5 stars August 29, 2021
It’s great for my outdoor cool off
By M. C. from Leland, NC

Rated 5/5 stars July 27, 2021
This outdoor shower is wonderful. It’s been a real lifesaver while we are getting our bathroom renovated. We have it hooked up outside thru our laundry room and have hot/cold water. It’s made well and has good pressure. We definitely recommend it
Customer Photo #1 submitted by L. S. from Turnersville, NJ - Portable Outdoor Shower w/ Foot Washer
By L. S. from Turnersville, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars July 19, 2021
I love the portable shower. Well made for the money. The valves are good quality too.
By P. C. from Sandia, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 18, 2021
Pool time with grandkids - they don't want to come in the house and take a full shower after swimming (to be honest - I don't want all of them tracking in either). This is perfect for rinsing all the chemicals off before getting dressed. We use the foot hose a lot when gardening or stomping around outside too. Easy to put together and install. Works great!
By K. K. from Houston, TX

Rated 5/5 stars July 5, 2021
Very easy to assemble, and works beautifully!
Great addition to my poolside area. Very satisfied.
I give 5 stars!!!??????????

By K. C. from Hamilton, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars June 28, 2021
This shower is awesome. Sturdy and made well. I connected it to our deck by the pool. You can also fill the base. Just what we were looking for and the foot sprayer comes in so handy! I would highly recommend!
Customer Photo #1 submitted by L. C. from Soddy Daisy, TN - Portable Outdoor Shower w/ Foot Washer
By L. C. from Soddy Daisy, TN

Rated 5/5 stars May 27, 2021
Works great, no leaks and easy to assemble. Love it!! Perfect for a quick cool off and rinse off after the beach and gardening! Highly recommended ??
Customer Photo #1 submitted by L. P. from Boynton Beach, FL - Portable Outdoor Shower w/ Foot Washer
By L. P. from Boynton Beach, FL

Rated 5/5 stars April 11, 2021
Just what we needed to rinse off in our sometimes 115 degree weather..Easy to use and very convenient!
By S. T. from Indio, CA

Rated 5/5 stars April 10, 2021
Haven't used yet but can't wait!
By M. S. from Biscoe, NC

Rated 5/5 stars March 25, 2021
very nice product works great!
By M. T. from San Antonio, TX

Rated 5/5 stars September 19, 2020
Arrived quickly, was easy to assemble and works well. Great buy.
By V. B. from Sunrise, FL

Rated 5/5 stars September 1, 2020
We love it. Exactly what we were looking for to provide an easy to install outdoor shower for quick rinsing off after gardening and lawn work. Quick delivery.
By J. G. from Gainesville, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 25, 2020
It does the job! Simple to put together and have operational within 15 minutes. Shower head provides height to to rinse top to bottom. Foot lever allows knee and below to get refreshed. Helps to beat the heat!
By R. K. from Somerset, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars August 18, 2020
I love the idea of showering off before and after the hot tub or pool. Very convenient.
Works great.

By S. K. from Ocala, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 17, 2020
This is the best item I bought all year!!!! it gives great pressure better than most hotels!! Use it daily after some yard work. GREAT ITEM!!!
By M. H. from Thomson, GA

Rated 5/5 stars July 29, 2020
My husband likes to cool off with the outdoor shower after a run. Thanks.
By A. R. from Morristown, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars July 26, 2020
Easy to assemble and truly performs like you’d expect from an actual outdoor shower. Portable and easy to store
By J. C. from Amityville, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 24, 2020
Perfect for our purpose - somewhere to have a quick shower after working in the yard and garden without traipsing through the house. Disadvantage for our situation is that water starts hot from the hose sitting in the sun and then becomes cold, but bracing! I left a question about assembly that went unanswered, but my husband figured it out. Overall a well-made and smart looking unit.
By S. P. from Chapel Hill, NC

Rated 5/5 stars July 22, 2020
Good product and easy to put together. Working well so far.
By V. B. from Benton, AR

Rated 5/5 stars July 22, 2020
Easy ordering, quick shipment in stock, good tracking update and package received in great shape. Thank you.
By G. D. from Orange Park, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 20, 2020
Our grands kids rather shower under the Portable outdoor shower wl Foot Washer than swim. Thank You so much for the addition to our family!
By W. D. from Stone Mountain, GA

Rated 5/5 stars July 14, 2020
We have not opened our pool yet because of Covid-19 restrictions but have set up and tried the portable showers bought with the intention of Social Distancing in our locker rooms. They were easy to set up and so far our lifeguards are enjoying them very much during their summer training. We appreciate your prompt delivery and ease of use and assembly. You have an awesome product. Just what we needed. Thank you.
By R. W. from City, CA

Rated 5/5 stars July 14, 2020
Exceeded my expectations. Very well made and designed. Easy to assemble too.
By G. K. from Massapequa, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 3, 2020
I like the pool shower a lot. Stable if you put the sand in the base and it's better than the shower it replaced! It works well!
By H. H. from Logansport, IN

Rated 5/5 stars June 28, 2020
Works great!
By C. J. from San Clemente, CA

Rated 5/5 stars June 16, 2020
Received shower faster than expected and it works great. The foot rinser comes out fast, but the shower works great. The part where you attach the hose leaked a little, but I put plumbers tape around it and no leaks at all! Happy with purchase!
By E. M. from Madeira Beach, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 11, 2020
Great product, easy to put together and love the foot washer!
By J. N. from Murrells Inlet, SC

Rated 5/5 stars April 19, 2020
Was happy to get this as my son is a Paramedic and we needed to set up something so he could shower and decontaminate outside. We had to get it up quickly so by the time I ordered this and received it, it was only a few days. The product was easy to put together, but you have to make sure the bottom valve is open when you turn on the top part of the shower or else that top assembly will pop off from the pressure. Once you know that though, its no big deal and we've had it about a month now and by the grace of God, its still with us and working great. ??
By T. D. from Lafayette, LA

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2019
Just what I wanted. It is great to shower after cleaning up yard. I use to shower after my daily walk. Very pleased with my purchase.
By K. F. from Sebastian, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 30, 2017
I have a very small cottage near Lake Michigan which I rent out on Airbnb, and the bathroom shower is often overused, sometimes spilling over. I thought anything that could minimize shower usage, especially for kids, wold be a good idea. Haven't had much feedback on it, EXCEPT that my cleaning person said the unit looks great And was super easy to put together. Great so far. And a great price.
By K. F. from Venice, FL

Rated ⅘ stars September 9, 2015
Nice little shower works well. Glad I bought it.
By S. M. from Northport, NY

Rated 5/5 stars August 19, 2015
This Portable Outdoor Shower sold by Cozy Days is hands down theee best sold.
Beware of the other Brands being sold. They are pure trash and will brake at the hose quick connect area.

By M. I. from Piedmont, SC

Rated 5/5 stars May 16, 2015
The outdoor shower was easy to put together. it's sturdy and a valuable addition to our backyard patio. Rinsing off after swimming has never been so easy.
Delivery of the outdoor shower was quick.

By L. D. from Houston, TX

Rated ⅘ stars August 12, 2013
This was a great purchase. We have it at the edge of our concrete away from our fishing pond. After swimming in the pond or just getting dusty from around the pond, it is an excellent way to wash first and not track dirt into our Morton Building/outdoor living space. The shower itself is a little flimsy, but the power from it is enough to really take a shower or just blast dirt off of your feet/sandals. Glad we bought it.
By S. S. from Princeton, IL

Rated ⅘ stars August 6, 2013
works good
By D. R. from Troy, NY

Rated 5/5 stars July 23, 2013
It is a useful addition to our pool. Do use the glue as recommended when putting it together. We used play sand in the base, and that works well against the winds.
It came quickly!

By J. M. from Rock Hill, SC

Rated ⅖ stars March 28, 2013
Cheap materials . Flimsy and not terribly appealing to look at.
By B. C. from Monson, MA

Rated 5/5 stars July 22, 2012
Searched through many types the Internet, many with bad reviews as far as quality - this one was just what we were looking for a nice simple pool-side shower, good quality. We like the fact that it has both foot washer, and shower. Easy and fast to assemble - was shipped quickly.
By M. H. from Richardson, TX

Rated 5/5 stars September 8, 2011
Assembly took a while but the shower does the job. I like the foot washing option. We use it near our pool. Thanks.
By K. E. from Lancaster, PA

Rated 5/5 stars August 2, 2010
This is a wonderful shower. You have to assemble it but it is easy. It looks good, has a foot shower function and is a wonderful addition to our pool area
By M. S. from Fayetteville, NC