Riviera Wet-Dry Inflatable Sunlounge PM83370-BLUE
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Rated 5/5 stars July 29, 2021
Love this pool lounger. Durable and so comfortable. I float around the pool with my 2 granddaughters.
By M. D. from Port St. Lucie, FL

Rated 5/5 stars April 18, 2021
This is my favorite floating of all time
By J. M. from Belgrade, ME

Rated 5/5 stars March 28, 2021
Just love my lounger! Not quite a built in pool but just perfect for staying cool on those hot summer days...can’t wait to use it again this year.
By C. M. from Sewell, NJ

Rated 5/5 stars March 4, 2021
Excellent product, durable fun and very comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone. I’m going to purchase a couple more for this upcoming summer fun as well.
By R. M. from Milwaukee, WI

Rated 5/5 stars March 4, 2021
Excellent product, durable fun and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend these to anyone. I’m going to purchase a couple more for this upcoming summer fun as well.
By R. M. from Milwaukee, WI

Rated 5/5 stars March 4, 2021
Excellent product, took these on our summer lake vacation and they were the most used among the other floats we had. Would definitely recommend these to anyone. I’m going to purchase a couple more myself.
By R. M. from Milwaukee, WI

Rated 5/5 stars January 14, 2021
Havent used yet waiting for summer
By D. A. from Hobart, IN

Rated 5/5 stars September 25, 2020
It worked real well at the lake this summer. Lots of fun.
By D. B. from Redford, MI

Rated 5/5 stars September 5, 2020
Great float! Purchased one for my wife and she loved it. I immediately ordered a second one for me.
By R. T. from Birmingham, AL

Rated 5/5 stars September 2, 2020
This works great to fill up for a personal pool, or for floating in my stock tank pool. i definitely recommend and would buy again.
By K. S. from Mcfarland, WI

Rated 5/5 stars August 25, 2020
This is the best float! The walls are high enough so you don’t get wet if you don’t want. The pillow is perfect for resting against. Has a side pocket for phone. Very durable. Love this for floating on the lake!
By D. S. from Moorhead, MN

Rated 5/5 stars August 20, 2020
Since COVID, I've been desperate to get outside and for some sun but it's been way too hot in Texas. I bought this to fill with water so I can soak up some rays. I've been extremely happy with my purchase.
First, the item was delivered very quickly. Also, the quality is great. It holds air very well and it also feels thicker than some of the cheap inflatables.
Since I don't use it in a pool but it seems like it would be a nice choice if you want to float but not be sitting in water.
Also, if you're considering filling it with water like I do, it's been great. It holds just enough to be refreshing. I put some music on, get in and relax.
The only downside for what I'm using it for is I wish it was a tad bit longer. I'm 5'6 and I rest my feet on top of the bottom edge. It would be nice if I could totally submerge my legs but this hasn't really been an issue.
But really, there aren't many options if you don't want to use an inflatable pool. I chose this also because the water I use is minimal compared to an inflatable pool so I can use fresh clean water every time.
Bottom line...I love it!

By E. S. from Lakeway, TX

Rated 5/5 stars August 17, 2020
Best backyard pool ever! If you can’t have a real pool, this does the trick! Comfy lying on back or stomach, perfect size for me!
By J. A. from Manchester Center, VT

Rated 5/5 stars August 14, 2020
Best COVID purchase ever! I can now comfortably sit on my patio in my own personal pool!!! It is extremely comfortable.
Customer Photo #1 submitted by J. L. from Greenwich, CT - Riviera Wet-Dry Inflatable Sunlounge
By J. L. from Greenwich, CT

Rated 5/5 stars August 5, 2020
Great comfortable raft! Lots of room and keeps you dry!
By K. C. from Lebanon, PA

Rated 5/5 stars August 4, 2020
Really great! I can fill up the center with water and let it heat in the sun for a natural hot tub!
By A. M. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Rated 5/5 stars August 3, 2020
I love this! I don't have a pool so this is a perfect option for me to be able to lay in the sun and stay cool on the really hot days. It was definitely worth the money. It was the only one I could find that had a solid bottom so it didn't have to be used in a pool.
By N. S. from Carpentersville, IL

Rated ⅘ stars July 30, 2020
The product itself works very well and I am very pleased with it. Perfect for laying by the pool or filling it up and laying in the yard to tan. The only reason it didn't get five stars is because it took forever to get to my house.
By K. T. from Naperville, IL

Rated 5/5 stars July 24, 2020
Absolutely love this air mattress!!
By C. R. from Paducah, KY

Rated 5/5 stars July 21, 2020
By S. H. from Clinton, PA

Rated 5/5 stars July 19, 2020
This sun lounge is fantastic! It is incredibly roomy and works great as a tanning bed with water to cool off or as a comfortable float. Very satisfied customer!
By A. R. from Richmond, IN

Rated 5/5 stars July 15, 2020
I really like this float for filling with water and laying out on my patio. I don't own a pool so this is as close as I can get but definitely helps with staying cool. I ordered the blue and it took a bit longer than I expected. When I called they said they only had purple available and were going to notify me. When I was fine to receive the purple, it got there in 2 days. I would order this again.
By J. B. from Grove City, OH

Rated 5/5 stars July 12, 2020
LOVE this raft!! I bought it to fill with water and lay out in the sun. It is so nice and totally big enough for a tall person too. I would definitely recommend buying this to anyone! Great buy!
By D. B. from West Burlington, IA

Rated 5/5 stars July 10, 2020
The float is nice and sturdy, well made. Highly recommend. This company is great to deal with and would not hesitate to order from them again. ????
By D. B. from Bluffton, SC

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2020
We don’t have a swimming pool and we use this as a swimming pool??.In our home We fill it up of water In our little court yard and lie down in it and it feels good in hot weather!
Customer Photo #1 submitted by M. R. from San Jose, CA - Riviera Wet-Dry Inflatable Sunlounge
By M. R. from San Jose, CA

Rated ⅘ stars July 8, 2020
Two weeks - no leaks. Shipping takes too long and wasn't in the shipping remarks when I ordered. Nonetheless, I'm pleased so far with the Sunlounge. Is shorter than I imagined.
By T. C. from St. Johns, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2020
I love this item. It is so comfortable and fits right on the patio. I could fall asleep outside while laying on it and feel like I'm in the water.
By P. N. from Hopatcong, NJ

Rated ⅘ stars July 8, 2020
Took a bit longer to arrive than I hoped, but they are just GREAT! Perfect for socially distant sunning. We are filling them with water and using them OUT of the pool (we don't have a pool!). ;)
By K. C. from Des Peres, MO

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2020
This product looks just like it’s advertised! It was super easy to inflate, it holds air well, and is perfect as a pool float or to use when laying out to tan on hot days.
Originally, I only received one float when I ordered two, but customer service was quick, efficient, and handled the issue very well. They shipped another out they evening and I had it within two days.
100% would recommend!

By C. A. from Lansing, MI

Rated 5/5 stars June 22, 2020
Just what we were looking for and super comfy. The cup holder is perfect for a nice cold beverage
By J. L. from Bluffton, SC

Rated ⅘ stars June 22, 2020
The float is comfortable and delivered when expected. I enjoy it.
By C. M. from Salem, NH

Rated 5/5 stars June 16, 2020
Great product, durable and holds a nice amount of water to keep you refreshed. What’s unique and nice about this product is that it can hold water without leaking out.
A nice way to cool off on a hot summer day when you may not have access to a pool.

By M. S. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 15, 2020
Took a few weeks to receive due to Covid but is worth the wait. We don't have a pool at this home so I got it to sit in the backyard to read. It holds about four inches of water so is quite refreshing and comfortable. I bought the purple one. Very pleased.
By D. M. from Punta Gorda, FL

Rated 5/5 stars June 15, 2020
I love the product but Cozy Days is one of the best businesses I have done on-line business with. My order was going to arrive late. After contacting Cozy Days regarding the late delivery, I was contacted, not only through e-mail, but a phone call. Very nice personal touch. Highly recommend this company!
By L. S. from Louisville, KY

Rated 5/5 stars June 15, 2020
Very nice lounger for the pool. Heavy duty material. Great product.
By S. C. from Peoria, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars April 29, 2020
Love my float. It is made with heavy plastic, not the thin kind you get in stores. I have fallen asleep many times just floating around.
R.O. Brandon Fl

By R. O. from Brandon, FL

Rated 5/5 stars July 13, 2019
Perfect, I love it ! Holds water good ,no leaks.easy to dump & refill.No more chemicals.
By J. B. from Enfield, CT

Rated 5/5 stars May 26, 2019
Bought a second one. Love it!
By S. B. from Orient, NY

Rated 5/5 stars June 23, 2018
It went flat before I could write a review!
By L. A. from Colorado Springs, CO

Rated ⅗ stars September 27, 2014
Could not use it- arrived way to late for season,
Products were not delieered for almost approx 2 months - had to call and find out where products were - not happy.

By M. W. from Poynette, WI

Rated ⅗ stars August 20, 2014
Ordered purple received blue with a leak. returned to company
By K. K. from Sarasota, FL

Rated ⅖ stars July 29, 2014
I used this float for about a month before it started leaking air at the seam.I e-mailed the manufacturer Poolmaster about my problem. The reply was to take it back to where it was purchased or send it back to them and they would decide if it was a defect. I explained that I use a hand pump and it had not been overinflated.
I contacted CozyDays where I ordered it from and they are sending me another one today and do not have to send the defective one back.The service for CozyDays is excellent !!

By K. J. from Conway, NC

Rated ⅕ stars April 30, 2014
It has a slow leak. Has never held air . I am very frustrated. Can't find the leak.
By C. B. from Lake Havasu City, AZ

Rated 5/5 stars July 22, 2013

The Riviera Sunlounge is a great product.
It blows up very firm and conforms to your body, and at the same time gives you a perfect headrest.
Unlike most pool floats, it allows you not to have be be partially submerged in the pool itself.
While it can hold people of varying sizes & weights , it is 'optimal ' for people of average height with maximum of 170lbs.
CozyDays is a VERY trusted & great site to for all your outdoor products from!

By J. S. from Lynbrook, NY