Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow - White SS85105-04
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C. H.
Peoria, AZ
5★ 5/8/2023
Love these pillows!!

J. S.
Cortez, CO
5★ 2/17/2022
as advertised

D. S.
Gulfport, FL
5★ 2/5/2022
I use it every day, and it’s still working fine over 3 years later! It definitely makes my spa much more comfortable

W. H.
Downers Grove, IL
5★ 7/6/2021
Bought one and went right back to ordered another one after receiving the first one. Very comfortable and nice large size. I have had them awhile now and they are in the water 24 /7. They have held up well and look great. Bottom line, we our very happy with our Cozy hot tub pillows. BH

K. J.
Manitou Springs, CO
5★ 5/29/2021
These pillows make my spa experience much more comfortable. I’d highly recommend them.

N. V.
Frisco, TX
5★ 8/8/2020
Love it! Works great!

R. L.
Fort Myers, FL
5★ 7/23/2020
The Spa Pillows are great, very comfortable and sturdily constructed. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

D. D.
Ormond Beach, FL
5★ 6/9/2020
Great product! Very soft and the perfect size.

M. K.
Sarasota, FL
5★ 4/28/2020
Exactly what we were looking for - spa pillows for the hot tub. These are a nice color (we got the bronze) and are comfortable.

W. H.
Downers Grove, IL
2★ 4/19/2020
Actually I was someone disappointed with my purchase. I had expected a better and superior quality spa pillow from Cozy Days. The spa pillow is of average quality and size. The weight strap is short and when you adjust the pillow it pulls up to where the inexpensive weight doesn't hold it down and keep the pillow in place. The spa pillow is just of average quality. I was expecting a little bigger pillow that would wrap around your head like a comfortable bed pillow. Basically I was disappointed with my purchase. Bottom line I don't think I got my bang for my buck on this product. It is just an average spa pillow and not what I was expecting from Cozy Days.

J. S.
Cortez, CO
5★ 4/2/2020
Hot Tub Chemicals are inexpensive and fast delivery

G. H.
Winchester, TN
5★ 2/24/2020
This is a very soft pillow very comfortable well worth the price. Fast shipping.

A. W.
De Pere, WI
4★ 2/18/2020
Nice pillows. Using in a steam shower. Work well for lumbar support too.

J. M.
Medford Lakes, NJ
5★ 1/14/2020
This works great on our old PDC spa. I am buying 2 more to match the 1st one.

G. H.
Winchester, TN
5★ 1/3/2020
I have user the pillow a couple times so far and it's like putting your head on a cloud very nice and great price compared to others

K. T.
Warrington, PA
5★ 12/18/2019
Excellent product and service very happy with the very quick response and replacement of the one of 2 damaged items

R. H.
Springfield, TN
3★ 7/9/2019
Weighted connect ion piece too short

A. P.
Peterborough, NH
5★ 6/20/2019
Love this pillow.

M. W.
Englewood, FL
4★ 4/18/2019
Very comfortable in spa and lounges. We use them every day. Only complaint is that I am unable to keep them nice and white..

K. B.
Homosassa, FL
3★ 3/27/2019
Nice and soft at first but they don’t stay soft for very long,

R. R.
Parkersburg, WV
5★ 12/29/2018
The quality of product was excellent! We have just purchased and used these for an inground spa with rough edges. It fits below the lip of the spa and provides a nice cushion while blending with the color of stone it is on. The weight keeps the cushion in place well.

J. M.
Whittier, NC
5★ 9/26/2018
We LOVE our Supersoft Weigted Spa & Bath Pillows. It's like putting your head on a cloud. You could almost fall asleep they are so relaxing. I highly recommend this product.

C. N.
The Villages, FL
5★ 3/1/2018
Very comfortable

N. M.
Rochester, NY
5★ 9/27/2017
This pillow is perfect, it is so comfortable! We love it and it fits the corner seats of our hot tub perfectly. The length is great and the weighted end keeps it in place.
Very quick delivery!

P. K.
Louisville, KY
5★ 9/26/2017
Love our pillows!! They are great in out hot tub!!
Service was great! Fast shipping! Thank you!

A. A.
Littlerock, CA
5★ 7/15/2017
Always get my pillows (and other pool products) from Cozy. High quality and last a long time. Uae my pillow in hot tub, very comfortable and stays put.

B. B.
Punta Gorda, FL
5★ 4/30/2017
Excellent product shipped quickly

D. C.
Fresno, CA
5★ 4/27/2017

J. C.
Savannah, GA
5★ 4/25/2017
Have purchased these before from your company and loved them. Perfect again.

K. K.
Chevy Chase, MD
5★ 1/17/2017
LOVE this pillow. This is the ONLY pillow that my husband will use in the bath. And this new style with the weighted back as opposed to the suction cups that eventually rip off the back of the pillow is a great advancement.
I ordered one color and they called and left a message saying that they didnt have that color did I want another one. Was a bit frustrated that they didnt email to say that as it took me a while to get back in touch with someone. It was around the holidays though. I left a message and asked for a call back- never heard back from anyone so re-called and specified the color. From that point on everything was fine and I'm happy with the color I got in the end. Would consider ordering from them again...

A. P.
Buckeye, AZ
5★ 11/26/2016
Great super soft spa pillow

T. S.
Lorton, VA
4★ 1/28/2016
Solid, water proof, a bit firmer than one would expect. The weighted backing is not really worth much to hold it in place. It really should be designed with much much more weight to truly hold the pillow in place.

M. T.
Tybee Island, GA
4★ 1/12/2016
Love the color and the feel of the spa pillow. Works perfect, stays in place. Just think it a bit pricy for what it is.

M. M.
St. Petersburg, FL
5★ 11/25/2015
The Spa Pillow I ordered works great. I love it!.
I received my order in two days. I was very happy that it came that fast. CozyDays is a great company.

G. B.
West Palm Beach, FL
1★ 9/29/2015
I was so optimistic I purchased 4 pillows. The size of the pillow was too small and looked Lilliput in my normal sized spa. I have an aqua tiled pool & spa and the color of the p0illow was plain ugly with the tile. The vinyl looked incredibly cheap. I placed one pillow over the spa to see if the weighed claim was accurate. The strap was too flimsy to hold the pillow in place. All things considered I returned all pillows the next day.
I returned your product a day after I received it. To date I have not received a credit for my return. Would appreciate someone looking into this and inform me. My return number was #204203.

D. G.
Hartville, OH
5★ 8/5/2015
pillows were just like pictured and a fair price
service and delivery good

D. C.
White Lake, NY
5★ 6/20/2015
FINALLY, a spa pillow that is soft yet supportive and STAYS PUT! I am short and the built in headrests in our hot tub were too high for me, fine for my tall husband. I tried a few different "pillows" but sent them all back, they didn't do what was needed. THIS product is perfect! I got the nice blue color which matches our pretty hot tub :-)

D. C.
Vermilion, OH
2★ 6/9/2015
Supersoft Weighted Spa & Bath Pillow
not what I expected...should have done more research.
Will never order from you again, you screwed my order up twice and when using customer service was the most rude people I have ever dealt with. Shame on you.

P. B.
Wasilla, AK
5★ 4/18/2015
Product as expected, very comfortable. I have bought this same pillow before. so much better than something with suction cups. Just be sure to hang it outside your hot tub when not in use so it does not get eaten up/discolored by the chemicals.
this company's service was impeccable. I live in Alaska, and it arrived in 2-3 days, and the postage was reasonable, not overinflated because I live in Alaska. I appreciated that.

A. S.
Havelock, NC
5★ 3/31/2015
Only with the product came in blue but very satisfied.

K. C.
Bluffton, SC
5★ 2/22/2015
The spa pillows were exactly what we were looking for and as described. They were the same as ones we were replacing. Great product!

L. B.
Chandler, AZ
4★ 1/9/2015
These headrest are a gift for Christmas so I haven't actually used them. I do have to say the quality looks really good and they definitely feel soft. We got the bronze color for my in laws and if looks really nice! Gave 4 stars because they are a tad small but as long as you have a norMal size head they should be great!

M. H.
Chesapeake, VA
5★ 10/6/2014
I bought two of these pillows in the hopes to help our daughter, who is disabled, during bath and shower time. Her past headrests have mildew and mold that grew on them despite my best efforts to wash them and keep them clean. These new pillows are soft and support her well at a fraction of the cost a "special needs" bath pillow costs. I am very pleased and I highly recommend these pillows for others.

C. C.
Cumberland, MD
5★ 11/5/2013
Love my new spa pillow! It is just what I wanted. Also, great site with lots of neat outdoor products. I will shop here again!

S. W.
Grafton, OH
5★ 8/15/2013
this is my second it
fast service

G. M.
Monroe Township, NJ
5★ 5/4/2013
I love the weighted spa pillow. Although it is made specifically for a spa, I use it as a pillow for my mobility bath lift. The lift's back has a lumbar shape and I could never lie flat against the back when the back is lowered. With the weighted spa pillow, I can lie comfortably when the back is lowered into the bath water.
Thanks so much.
The pillow came quickly. It was packed well. Great service!

A. N.
Fishers, IN
5★ 4/22/2013
These pillows are very comfortable, and work perfectly with our hot tub.
Customer service was very friendly and helpfully when I was contacted regarding low inventory of the origian color I selected.

K. S.
Maple Park, IL
5★ 10/15/2012
The pillows fit great and are very comfy!! Shipment was fast and easy!

B. S.
Gilroy, CA
1★ 9/4/2012
Would not stay on edge. Constantly fell into spa.

L. G.
Salem, NH
5★ 1/12/2012
Convenient and comfortable!

D. C.
Kansas City, KS
3★ 1/3/2012
I ordered for a christmas gift , I wish I could say I was happy but Im not. The photo shows a BALCK bath pillow and there was no option for anyother color so I was EXCITED to orde exactly what I saw a BALCK PILLOW..ONLY TO GET A WHITE ONE! Not happy and too late to return it ...Oh well...thats mail orders for you.

J. B.
Lafayette, IN
5★ 10/10/2011
Product arrived quickly, was exactly as promised and we like them, very comfortable. They were out of the color we really wanted but these worked out OK. Very prompt service.

R. D.
Longview, TX
5★ 10/5/2011
We love the Spa Pillow.

K. C.
Jacksonville, FL
5★ 5/26/2011
This is a great spa pillow. It's waterproof and looks like it will last and last. I like the price and the service was outstanding.

P. B.
Gilbert, AZ
5★ 3/22/2011
Nice pillows. I like that they can be easily moved without suction cups. Good quality.

M. B.
Eden, NY
3★ 12/18/2010
seems ok but I am giving it for a gift for Christmas so I will have to see

S. E.
Clarkston, MI
5★ 11/9/2010
These work great - got them for my parents' hot tub, which is textured so suction cups wouldn't have worked. The weights work well, keeping the pillows in place. They are also very comfortable. As far as I know, they are very happy!

P. N.
Niagara Falls, NY
5★ 4/20/2010
I own a Sundance Spa... up north I run it all year. I have gone through 3 sets of sundance pillows because of chlorine. These pillows resist everything. If there is any residue from chlorine they simply rinse off. Plus, they are the softest, most comfortable pillow I've ever seen. You wont find this quality at this price anywhere. Quick shipping too. A great buy!

L. M.
Birmingham, AL
5★ 1/12/2010
Transaction went well. Product showed up in time as promised. Only issue was this was secondary product to the one I wanted. The site did let me know that upon ordering. Recieved great as ordered.

R. F.
Rockville, MD
5★ 9/11/2009
The right items that were ordered and in a very prompt delivery! Don't worry about these guys, they are great!

R. F.
Rockville, MD
5★ 9/2/2009
The original pillows started to come apart and the replacement cost was $82 for each one! So I ordered one of the supersoft pillows to try. After one time in the hotub I ordered the other two pillows! Much better than the original! Very pleased with the pillows and CozyDays service!

M. G.
Long Beach, CA
5★ 7/14/2009
I received good email communication with regards to my order, and good service. I love the pillows. They are very soft, and easy to use in my spa. In fact, I took one of them to use in my bathtub, so now I will need more to use in my spa outside. They feel very good on your neck and are a nice shiny black color.

K. T.
Mill Valley, CA
5★ 4/24/2009
These Spa pillows are REALLY nice - plus the Great customer service, fast shipping and THE BEST PRICES on the internet - what more could anyone ask for!! I give this company a 10 and have them bookmarked on My Favorites!!!!

D. L.
Oviedo, FL
5★ 3/10/2009
Feels great! Sent me the wrong color, but I figured white would be better in the heat of Florida.