48" to 54" Round Table 4-6 Chairs Set Cover w/Umbrella Hole - Gray PC1158-GR
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D. H.
Kyle, TX
Photo #1 by D. H. from Kyle, TX.
5★ 9/25/2021
I am extremely pleased with this table/chair cover!! It looks great and fits PERFECTLY. No holes or tears. However, it's protection capabilities haven't really been tested yet as our Texas weather has been unseasonably mild this year. It's only rained once but this did cause a small issue. Because the chair tops are higher than the table, water pools in the middle. This can be remedied by sweeping it over the sides with your hands or a broom. That's the only drawback to this product, but so far, the negative is outweighed by the other positives~

S. J.
Oxford, MI
1★ 6/2/2018
Poor quality. Difficult to use Velcro “umbrella” hole. Water pools badly on table and causes cover to shift and collect buckets of water. Now the best part. It put a stain on all chairs and umbrella. Cheap stuff. Sorry I bought it.

S. J.
Oxford, MI
1★ 5/14/2018
Very Low quality. The umbrella cover is very tight and hard to zip shut. The table cover with the umbrella "Hole" is just a long Velcro strip that is very hard to use effectively. I cant imagine either one lasting more that a season. Cheap stuff.

K. D.
Broomfield, CO
3★ 7/14/2015
I wanted a table cover that accepted an umbrella without losing the protective seal. This cover does that. However, I do not like the look of the cover over the chairs and the cover sags between the table surface and chairs leaving a rain filled reservoir on several sides. This has to be manually drained and the rain leaves a slimy film on the cover there. I really want an umbrella hole cover that fits a 48" table only, not the chairs.

E. S.
Midland, MI
5★ 6/3/2014
Product looks good
Service has been outstanding. The package was delivered to the wrong address, but your service group had already offfered to replace the pjroduct if not found. Great service!

M. S.
Oxford, MI
5★ 5/13/2013
Very good value, looks good and fits great. Like the velcro seam instead of a zipper.

B. B.
Carlsbad, CA
4★ 11/18/2012
Concerned about the hole around the umbrella and the cover that descends from the higher backed chairs - will the rain flow into the hole wetting the set.
Was easy to place and have not had first rain to test it.
Notified often on the shipping date and arrived fine.

S. P.
Farmington Hills, MI
5★ 9/4/2012
Outstanding quality and fit. Very durable outer material with soft, non-marring liner. Great cover, one of several types I've ordered from you guys in the past, all of which did not disappoint in quality and fit.
Again, disappointed I didn't receive more updates on order status. Delayed shipment (almost two weeks) was unfortunate and never explained. Called twice to determine whereabouts but never given a definitive reason for delayed shipment. You guys should try to be more proactive in providing order status to your customers.

K. C.
Mays Landing, NJ
5★ 1/5/2011
Made of sturdy material, easy to use. No need to remove umbrella before covering table with velcro closure. So easy. Great product!

J. A.
Louisville, KY
5★ 12/10/2010
Very nice cover. The velcro bottom straps can open in strong wind. What about sewing loops so that a bungee cord or any cord could be strung through all the way around like a belt in a pair of pants.

D. D.
Downingtown, PA
5★ 7/10/2010
Since receiving our table cover we have had several storms and downpours and I can't say enough about the way this cover has protected our table and chairs. I found I can even leave the cushions on the chairs and they are totally dry when We take it off again. It fits perfectly, the quality is fantastic and the velcro closures make it so easy to take off and on. Couldn't be more pleased. Iif we need further covers we will certainly use cozy days.

K. C.
Crossville, TN
5★ 11/15/2009
I ordered the table cover with the umbrella hole and got the one without..

S. H.
Ashton, MD
5★ 11/3/2008
Very quick delivery, nice quality. It does NOT matter, but this cover did NOT have an unbrella hole. I really did not neet it anyway.
Thanks for great service

S. F.
Long Beach, CA
5★ 9/5/2008
We were very impressed with the promptness of delivery and the quality of the patio table cover and the umbrella cover. It was a pleasant experience.

S. R.
Tempe, AZ
5★ 8/26/2008
The products arrived on time and in good condition.