Brazilian Style Hammock - Double (Paradise) BRAZ223

Brazilian Style Hammock - Double (Paradise)

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Brazilian Style Hammock - Double (Paradise) is currently not available. Click here to see our best selling FREE Shipping outdoor hammocks.

Brazilian Style Hammock - Double. The Brazilian hammocks offer an ultimate form of comfort and relaxation with a little more room for more than one person. These hammocks are tightly woven with high quality cotton thread to prevent colors from running. It is a natural choice for a Caribbean experience. The Brazilian hammocks come without a spreader bar. They are both hand and machine washable. The stands for Brazilian hammocks are sold separately. The stands to use for Brazillian hammocks are either UHS9 (Universal Hammock Stands in different colors) or EFHTS (Vivere Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps) available for different styling and standing for the Brazilian hammocks on this website.



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