RJ Resin Outdoor Chair Red ISP045-RED
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B. B.
Burlington, VT
5★ 9/26/2021
Dark Blue
I love these chairs!!!! Beautiful color. Sturdy yet extremely comfortable to sit in. Fabulous addition to any outdoor party and pretty enough for stylish indoor seating

O. J.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
5★ 4/10/2020
great commercial chairs excellent service..

O. J.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
5★ 11/21/2019
Great chairs comfortable, very attractive easy to order and Delevery come in before time

J. J.
Miami Beach, FL
5★ 12/1/2015
Nice color and nice chair. I will order more later.
Quick delivery.

A. B.
Mobile, AL
5★ 8/16/2010
Apple Green
Great prices and immediate shipping. I reordered and am very happy with purchases. ABishop

P. H.
Miami, FL
5★ 7/18/2010
I saw these chairs in Swissmaker in Miami, FL. The place is in Lincoln Road and the chairs are looked awesome. I was opening a an icecream shop in Ft Lauderdale and I immediately was sold on the chairs. It took me awhile to find you guys. The chairs are strong and durable. Easily stacking. Great quality. Very pleased with the purcahse. My customers like the bright colors.

M. K.
Palm Bay, FL
5★ 5/30/2010
Apple Green
These chairs exceed my expectations. I am very happy with the durability and look of the chairs

P. H.
Miami, FL
5★ 7/10/2009
Red color is very nice. Chairs make a statement of fashion and color on our patio. Strong and sturdy. We just love them. Good product. We will buy again from cozydays.

J. L.
Chicago, IL
5★ 5/7/2009
Great chairs. Thanks.

G. L.
New York, NY
5★ 5/4/2009
Very good chairs. COmfortable, stacking and nice colors. I expected a little less, and I am very very happy. Migght order some more on different colors. Thanks.