Strap Patio Stackable Criss Cross Chaise Lounge 78x27x16 White SFU-B-316-201-201
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Rated 5/5 stars May 27, 2013
Product appears to be well made. Good quality.
The only negative is the items were damaged during shipping. The box was torn and the ends of the lounge chairs were scuffed/scratched.

By C. C. from Charelston, WV

Rated ⅗ stars June 12, 2012
We are very disappointed. At the point where the moving part meets the flat part, there is what amounts to a large hole, where the strapping is very loose, so that you are effectively sitting in a hole. It is clearly not sturdy at the very point where it most needs to be sturdy.
Moreover, they DO NOT go flat, and I specifically chose these (1) because I thought they would be more sturdy than the non-criss-cross version (which I had found fine) and (2) because the description says that they fold flat, and I wanted to be able to lie face down. Lying face down on one of these means bending your back into more of an arch than would be the case were they actually to have a true flat position. I think you should change your description to give the angle down to which they actually fold, and you should warn potential customers about the big hole in the middle where the strapping is all loose and flimsy looking. Not happy.

By S. G. from Raleigh, NC

Rated 5/5 stars May 10, 2011
The chaise loungers were prefect. The height was perfect for tall people to get into. Didn't feel like you were on the ground. The double webbing on the chairs was a plus. We are enjoying them. Love it because they will not rust. Will last forever! Thank You Soo Much!
By M. P. from Dunn, NC