Outdoor Trash Hideaway Garbage Container SUGH1732
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Rated 5/5 stars March 1, 2013
This garbage container seems pretty sturdy. It was easy to assemble and the lid has a nice sliding latch on it, which makes it resistant to wind and small animals (although it's definitely not strong enough to be bear-proof). I'm pleased with it.
Good service. Delivered right on time.

By B. D. from Colorado Springs, CO

Rated ⅘ stars November 24, 2012
Seems fine so far. I haven't used it muchas it by my pool and the weather is cold.

By K. P. from Shreveport, LA

Rated 5/5 stars May 7, 2012
A very well thought-out and well built item.
It was very difficult to find on the Web.
You should get pool suppliers to offer this item.
I am pleased that I found it.

By K. A. from Minnetonka, MN

Rated 5/5 stars July 9, 2009
This Trash Container is sturdy,good looking and easy to assemble.
By J. K. from Metropolis, IL