Auto Shelter, 1-3/8" 5-Rib Peak Style Frame, Sandstone Cover 10x20 Portable Garage 62680
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Rated ⅕ stars April 11, 2019
Did not hold up through Winter! Only a year old and we mic throw it away. Poles bent and broken.
Sad. We have the shed version and it’s amazing. I think the size is just not suitable for outdoor 24/7.

By K. R. from Imlay City, MI

Rated 5/5 stars September 30, 2018
Easy to assemble. Durable. Large enough for crew cabin truck.
Excellent free shipping to Alaska. Arrived in under two weeks.

By D. S. from Sitka, AK

Rated ⅘ stars November 2, 2017
I'm pleased with this for the most part, there are a couple of improvements that could be made however. The instructions are a set of pictures, some not really accurate, that can be confusing - words to accompany them would help greatly. The fabric covering would work better if it were longer so the edges could be buried to prevent the wind getting up under them. Neither the back, nor the front panels reach the ground causing the structure to move a lot with the wind and cause the front door zippers to constantly unzip themselves. I would recommend this to a friend after noting the problems to them. the price was reasonable and the quality is good.
By R. G. from Deer Isle, ME

Rated ⅘ stars January 16, 2017
Quality frame & fasteners. Easy to assemble. Need 2 - 3 people to assemble. Good Fit
Delivery Company left cardboard packaging uncovered in a rain storm. Soaked box came apart when we tried to bring it under cover.

By P. B. from Guilford, CT

Rated 5/5 stars November 5, 2016
Good shelter-fair price
By D. H. from Portland, MI

Rated 5/5 stars October 1, 2016
So far so good. It took us about 10 hours to put it together but thats because we took our time. We will see how does it do in new Hampshire snow this winter. We intend to rake after and durinh every snowfall.
This is a great comoany and promptly follow through with any queations and concerns. They try very honestly to resolve any issues one might have. I highly recommend them. The pricing was the lowest i found on the internet. I have been happy.

Customer Photo #1 submitted by M. I. from Moultonborough, NH - Auto Shelter, 1-3/8" 5-Rib Peak Style Frame, Sandstone Cover 10x20 Portable GarageCustomer Photo #2 submitted by M. I. from Moultonborough, NH - Auto Shelter, 1-3/8" 5-Rib Peak Style Frame, Sandstone Cover 10x20 Portable GarageCustomer Photo #3 submitted by M. I. from Moultonborough, NH - Auto Shelter, 1-3/8" 5-Rib Peak Style Frame, Sandstone Cover 10x20 Portable GarageCustomer Photo #4 submitted by M. I. from Moultonborough, NH - Auto Shelter, 1-3/8" 5-Rib Peak Style Frame, Sandstone Cover 10x20 Portable Garage
By M. I. from Moultonborough, NH

Rated 5/5 stars July 8, 2016
Bought garage to put a classic car in out of the weather. Very happy with product, it was just as advertised, and I expect it will last a few years, sun hard on roof material.
Garage arrived very fast and in good shape and all parts where in the box. I was very happy with transaction and do recommend this product and this company. Thanks,

By J. G. from East Burke, VT

Rated 5/5 stars May 25, 2016
Product was received promptly and was complete per inventory. The instructions were easy to follow. This shelter is spacious and durable.
By M. P. from Springfield, KY

Rated ⅕ stars February 12, 2016
junk product! tarp material is very cheap rips very easily I would not recommend.
By T. J. from Flint, MI

Rated ⅕ stars December 1, 2015
Very flimsy  over tighten any bolts poles will crush. Bought 2 buildings, using poles from both to make one and had to add some wood supports to make stable. Was cheap and know I know why. Would be good for some place with no weather changes. In the end ended up with one building not 2. Canvis very light dooty as well.
By D. R. from Seneca Falls, NY

Rated 5/5 stars November 20, 2015
The product is well made. The problem I had was with the
ends they were cut to the wrong size. I called CozyDays as
soon as I found out and with in two days I had the right size ends. Could not ask for a better response. The unit is up and just went though 2 days of 30 to 45 mile an hour
wind with no problem.
The service to replace the 2 miss cut ends was great I had the replacements within 2 days.

By D. J. from Ravenna, OH

Rated ⅗ stars October 20, 2015
Shelter does the job, but assembly is NOT EASY!! instructions are NOT user friendly!
Shipment was over two weeks behind schedule and CozyDays never bothered to update me on this probably won't order from them again.

By M. E. from Franklin, TN

Rated ⅘ stars November 1, 2014
Its a good product, and I'm happy with it so far (only had it up for a week). We'll see how it "winters" in Montana in an area where we commonly get 3 to 5 feet of snow. I'm sure it will need brushing off now and again. Goes together fairly easy with a couple of people, though three hours is a bit of a joke. The struts could definitely be better labeled (some were not at all). Bolt lengths are three different sizes, but close enough to make you wonder if you've got the right one. That's okay, but adds to the time of sorting and shuffling. Some have washers, most don't. (But ¼" washers are easy to find.) Anchors a great, but don't anchor it until you have the front and back where you want them, and definitely not the front, so its not too tight for the zipper to fit well, tight, but not too tight.. Instructions of what goes where could be better but I've seen worse.
Good delivery was quick and on time. I'm pretty sure I'd recommend it to others, but time will tell to be sure.

By S. H. from Missoula, MT

Rated 5/5 stars October 10, 2014
I had to return shelter unit, because the door wasn't large enough to accommodate my vehicle.
By T. B. from Killeen, TX

Rated 5/5 stars April 6, 2014
Great product. Took awhile to put up with 2 people. If the bolts were sorted out it would of saved us alot of time. But still not too bad. Had nearly 60 mph winds hit and the building never moved. Had neighbors shed fly into our field but this shelter never moved. I set 10 anchors in 2 feet of concrete. And put ratchet straps in each corner holding it tight to the ground. Put a couple more straps running over the frame throughout the middle. I really dont think this shelter is going anywhere soon.
Fast shipping and given tracking info. What else could you ask for.

By J. F. from Fe, TN

Rated 5/5 stars February 10, 2014
When preparing to assemble my garage in a box..
1) separate and and verify all components are there. All pieces were clearly marked and easily identified with the parts list included.
2) With 2 guys it is very simple to assemble, 1 guy could do it easy enough it would just take longer.. 2 to four hours with 2 people.
3) Only time will tell how long it will last in Ketchikan Alaska...our average rainfall is 160 in. per year.. we often have winds exceeding 50 mph..some times 80 to 90 mph..
As with my first garage in a box I anchored it more securely than instructed.
The shipping dept. actually DIDN'T freak out about sending my garage in a box to Ketchikan Alaska.
So far the five star rating is for the ease in which the purchase was completed and the timly fashion I recieved my order.

By R. L. from Ketchikan, AK