Auto Shelter 1-3/8" 4-Rib Peak Style Frame, Sandstone Cover 10x15x8 Portable Garage 62681
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Rated 5/5 stars December 27, 2018
Very happy built to last!
By G. G. from Shedd, OR

Rated 5/5 stars May 23, 2017
My portable Garage has been erected and is in use. I was pleased with the product and how well it was engineered, all of the parts was a perfect fit and i was able to assemble the frame without any assistance, however i did need some help in setting it up.
Hopefully future customers will have the option of choosing the type anchors they desire when they place their order. Thank you for a very well designed storage building. Gouvaniel

By G. C. from Killeen, TX

Rated ⅕ stars May 6, 2017
this product is a pies of junk the front zipper fall a part not able to seal terrible when I complain they sent me a new one this time they sent me one with out the rope for to roll up to tight them, the zipper only last few week will do the same like the first one!!!!!
By J. B. from Fort Worth, TX

Rated 5/5 stars December 25, 2015
great product and went together very easy. also went through some very windy days already and not a problem.
By J. S. from Corfu, NY