Solar Night Flowers - Rose Solar Light SF1007

Solar Night Flowers - Rose Solar Light

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Solar rose outdoor garden lamp. Solar night flowers are beautiful, nature-inspired artwork that harness the energy of the sun to light up your night. Utilizes a moveable solar panel, these solar night flowers don't have to be in direct sunlight to function.

Solar flowers look great wherever they stand. Brighten up your garden, yard or home with these solar lights. Made with durable outdoor materials and withstand harsh weather outdoors. No electricity required, Easy Installation and automatic illumination. Flower Size: 20" Length × 6" Width.


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Rated ⅕ stars May 3, 2011
CRAP. again I put solar panels finally in light for 3 days. I have 2 out of 6 that worked I used those to test the other 4 panels NO LIGHT. Again I say crap. I really wished they worked Very interesting lights, I have had some solar lights now for 6 years . I maintain the batteries bring inside in winter if delicate as I would these. some were under 2 feet of snow this winter and they still work
By C. G. from Northbrook, IL

Rated ⅗ stars July 9, 2009
I gave one of these as a gift, and kept one for myself. I was very disappointed when I left this outside to charge the solar battery and nothing happened. Finally I got my small set of screwdrivers, took the thing apart, and discovered that the battery had been put in backwards. The battery is impossible to reach without taking out 8 very small screws. It works now, and I can only hope that the one I gave as a gift has the battery inserted correctly.
By M. R. from Independence, CA

Rated ⅘ stars June 29, 2009
I bought two roses and two of the other solar flower and all of them work besides one that I will get replaced. I like the light it provides at night. It's not bright so don't think you'll get by with just the solar flowers.
By J. G. from Las Vegas, NV

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