Inflatable Lifelike 84 inch Tiger JC-AL-TIG

Inflatable Lifelike 84 inch Tiger

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Lifelike inflatable Siberian Tiger. This amazing wildcat is on the prowl for food. This natural pose is something that you will never see on an inflatable from anyone else. This tiger is huge, standing at 8 feet long. The details that are on this beautiful feline are digitally screened on to give it a more matte finish, which is perfect for photos. This is a perfect item to display in front of a store or an event as it will attract attention. The tiger features our signature "double seams" which are not only great for aesthetics, but it serves as reinforcement ensuring that these are made to last. You can have this tiger inflated and displayed without attention for months! (Changes in temperature will make air expand/contract). Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a heavy fiberglass replica, in which you also need store? This tiger can even be used as a chair or lounge. With the thicker vinyl used and the stronger seams, one can even sit on the back of this tiger, especially children. This tiger comes with a 12V DC "Portable" Electric Pump (plugs into a car power jack) and a repair kit. Inflated size of this lifesize tiger is 96" L × 30" W × 40" H.