Fatboy® Colour Blend Petit Rug - Charcoal FB-CB-RGPT-CHR

Fatboy® Colour Blend Petit Rug - Charcoal

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It started with a sketch. Designer Carole Baijings surprised herself with color combinations created spontaneously. Her rough lines are lively; her color choices unexpected. And because the lines flow into one another, additional colors seem to materialize. Fatboy's Colour Blend Rug translates all those incidental imperfections into a large rug for your living room that just makes you happy. Powerful, colorful, and so very soft. The caressable Colour Blend Rug will make your living room an even more relaxed place to be. This designer rug invites you to lie back on it, and stay there. Its super-soft material brings every nuance of Carole's sketches to life: from the blurred lines to the layering of the colors. With every step that you take, the color will change, making the rug look slightly different every time. The Grand will bring the greatest softness into your living room. This large rug is available in sturdy charcoal and warm fuchsia. The Petit meanwhile, will fit in any seating area. In the summer months this small rug will bring the sun inside, while the grand maple version will make you look at browns and grays differently. Whatever your style, these color combinations will match any interior. Which blend will you choose?


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