Cast Iron 3-piece Skillet Set BY7403
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Rated 5/5 stars February 22, 2015
LOVE the 3 sizes!! LOVE these pans!!! No complaints what-so-ever!! GREAT price too!! You can't beat this deal!! Would definitely reccomended to a friends and family!!
Excellent service! Delivered quickly!!

By M. D. from Oyster Bay, NY

Rated 5/5 stars February 6, 2012
I love these 3 Cast Iron Frying Pans, there the BEST. There Heavy Duty, Super Strong, and they Last Far Longer then any other type of Frying Pans that are out there on the Market today.
If anyone is looking around for an Excellent, Superb, Extra Heavy Duty Extra Long Lasting Frying Pans, then I Very Strongly Suggest that you go for these kind of Frying Pans. If you Purchase them, then you will be GLAD that you have Purchased them, and it wouldn't surprise me if you decide to get rid of the Lesser Quality Frying Pans.
Also, by having those Small Handles @ the End of the Frying Pans, is the greatest, because it makes it allot easier to go picking up the Frying Pans; the ONLY Warning is that these Cast Iron Frying Pans HOLD the Heat, so unless the Frying Pans are COLD, you will NEED to use two { 2 } Pot Holders to go lifting the Frying Pans, other wise you will BURN your Hands.
On a Scale of 1 through 10, I would have to Rate all 3 of these Frying Pans @ a 20. Should someone decide to get these Frying Pans, then all I can say is Good Luck with them and I hope that you get Many Many Years of Enjoyment with these Cast Iron Frying Pans.

By R. P. from Springfield, MA

Rated 5/5 stars December 21, 2011
Very happy with my purchase and good to get back to cooking as I like to!
By J. S. from Houston, TX

Rated 5/5 stars December 1, 2011
Very pleased with both the skillet set and how quickly I received it>
By J. S. from Houston, TX

Rated 5/5 stars October 11, 2011
Given as a gift. Got rave reviews from Giftee. Perfect cooking results
By M. M. from Cohasset, MA

Rated 5/5 stars March 23, 2011
Great product! Very satisfied.
By L. D. from Pacific Palisades, CA

Rated ⅕ stars February 14, 2011
When my pots arrived two out of three were broken. One had a large crack that made it unusable and the other had a large "V" shaped chip out of it. This was because they were crammed into a box that was too small for them and there was no packing around them to protect them. Now I realize that shipping was free but I would have rather paid something for shipping and received them in good condition rather than have to call cutomer service for a refund. WHich, by the way, I had to email a picture to them in order to get the refund. I also noticed, before tossing the three pots into the trash that one of them had brown rust spots in it. I cannot recommemd buying cast iron from this company.
By M. H. from Escondido, CA

Rated 5/5 stars January 1, 2011
Great product! Bought as a gift and it was just what she wanted.
By M. C. from Thomasville, GA

Rated 5/5 stars December 6, 2010
Very durable and sturdy. Well made. I wish they were seasoned more.
By C. J. from Conyers, GA

Rated 5/5 stars December 21, 2009
By J. Q. from Kalamazoo, MI

Rated 5/5 stars September 29, 2009
I bought the Cast Iron 3-piece skillet set for a friend. I am sure she will appreciate it. They are in excellent condition. Your service is fantastic!! I will definitely recommend to friends.
By P. R. from Yadkinville, NC

Rated 5/5 stars August 14, 2009
The product arrived in good shape and on time. The pans were as advertized and we are using them now. Thanks you.,
By D. B. from Crookston, MN

Rated 5/5 stars July 27, 2009
you cant beat the product for the price
By T. P. from Jamaica, NY