Fatboy® Original Beanbag Black + Rock 'n Roll FB-ORI-RNR-BLK

Fatboy® Original Beanbag Black + Rock 'n Roll

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They say two is better than one and we happen to agree, so we are pairing our iconic Fatboy® Original and our Rock 'n Roll chair as a bundle!Since the introduction of the Original bean bag in 1998, Fatboy served hundreds of thousands of people with an attractive seater that grew out to become a lifestyle icon. That makes it about time to place the Original bean bag on a pedestal by turning it into a great rocking chair. Rock 'n Roll combines Fatboy's simplicity with ultimate comfort thanks to a firm and clever webbing, attached to a solid frame. Simply put your Original on top, and voilą: a giant, commodious rocking chair is at your disposal. All Originals match with the Rock 'n Roll, so no color within the collection is excluded. All that matters is to lay back and put a little rock 'n roll in your life. The Rock 'n Roll is dismounted in a snap and comes with a solid Rockblocker that steadies your seat when preferred.

What's Included:
1 × Fatboy® Rock 'n Roll Bean Bag Rocker - Black FB-RNR
1 × Fatboy® the Original - Black FB-ORI

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What's Included